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Podcast Spotlight: Journey Into…


Journey Into is a podcast that mixes reprints of older radio shows with newer content by contemporary authors.  The podcast is hosted, edited, and produced by Marshal Latham.  If you’re interested in older radio shows, it’s a good place to get a sampling from a variety of them, such as X Minus One, You Are There, Seeing Ear Theater, and others.  Recently Marshal has also started to include episodes from the Star Wars fan podcast he runs with Rish Outfield in the Journey Into feed.

Marshal Latham launched the podcast in July 2011 with a reprint of “Zero Hour” from the X Minus One podcast and has been the one man staff of the podcast ever since.  The last several years he has hosted an Edgar Allen Poe month where he posts  audio recordings of both Poe stories and Poe-inspired stories (you’ll notice that some of the titles in the episode list have Poe titles but are not authored by Poe, these were from contests that asked for authors to use Poe titles).  In November 2013 there was a superhero marathon spectacular in which Marshal posted superhero-related content every day for the entire month.


  1. “Red Road” by David Barr Kirtley
  2. “Sorry, Wrong Number” by Lucille Fletcher
  3. “The Machine Stops” by E.M. Forster
  4. “Emily 501” by Tamara Hladik
  5. “Dream Engine” by Tim Pratt
  6. “The Trial of Thomas Jefferson” by David Barr Kirtley
  7. “The Imp of the Perverse” by Richard Freeman
  8. “Kellerman’s Eyepiece” by Mary Elizabeth Counselman
  9. “The Last Days of the Kelly Gang” by David D. Levine
  10. “The Power of the Sentence” by David M. Locke
  11. “The Masque of the Red Death” by Lee Lackey
  12. “Hop Frog” by Edgar Allen Poe
  13. “The Fog Horn” by Ray Bradbury
  14. “The Roads Must Roll” by Robert A. Heinlein
  15. “Ligeia” by Bria Burton



Next month I will be shining the podcast spotlight on the podcast of the award-nominated Beneath Ceaseless Skies magazine, edited by Scott H. Andrews.


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  1. Unfortunately, #14 on David’s list featuring X-Minus One’s adaptation of “The Roads Must Roll” by Robert Heinlein is no longer available due to the Heinlein estate sending notice to asking them to block access due to copyright. I feel it is with copyright since it is a replay of the radio show, which is available elsewhere, but I don’t have the time to fight the issue at this time. You can find the audio for just the radio broadcast as item 32 at

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