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[SF/F/H Link Post] Alien Queen Wall Lamp, M. Night Shyamalan strikes again, Rogue One concept art

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  • Amazing Stories interviews Shawn King, cover designer of SkinJumper.
  • Electric Literature interviews Mary Costello, author of Academy Street.
  • A Fantastical Librarian interviews Peter Newman, author of The Vagrant.
  • The Future And You interviews Robert J. Sawyer, author of Red Planet Blues
  • Lawrence M. Schoen interviews Cat Rambo, author of Beasts of Tabat.
  • My Bookish Ways interviews MJ Scott, author of The Shattered Court.
  • The Qwillery interviews Peter Newman, author of The Vagrant.
  • Speculate SF interviews Justin Landon,’s commissioning editor.
  • Suvudu interviews Gareth Edwards, director of Star Wars: Anthology: Rogue One.


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  • Apocalypse Weird Super Launch! – Wonderment Media, want to make “story” the building block of our DNA. We’re looking to take our characters and our world and break it for your amusement. We’re looking to wreck stuff and let you have fun reading it. We’re building something… and we’re tearing it apart. It’s called The Apocalypse Weird. It’s run by writers so writers and readers can finally do what they’ve wanted to do regardless of some “bottom line” that saves us from the consequences of great storytelling. What we’re doing is dangerous, but we think that’s where the fun is.
  • Broken Frontier – A creator-owned anthology about breaking boundaries and exploring the great unknown by the most inventive talents in comics.
  • MOLLY DANGER: Book Two Graphic Album and Audiobook – The second book in the Adventures of Molly Danger! Molly and Austin’s partnership is tested as “Father” gathers the Supermechs!



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  1. Shrinkwrap // April 25, 2015 at 3:20 pm //

    Shawn King is the cover designer of Skinjumper, not the author.

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