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Syfy Original Series Trailer: The New Hard SF Space Adventure DARK MATTER

Syfy recently announced Killjoys, which looks like it will be a very Firefly-esque space drama, and now they’ve announced another new space adventure called Dark Matter, based on the graphic novel of the same name by Joseph Malozzi and Paul Millie (of the Stargate franchise.) Dark Matter will debut on June 12th, and you can check out more info about the show and the cast at Syfy, and watch the brand new trailer below (via IGN.)

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5 Comments on Syfy Original Series Trailer: The New Hard SF Space Adventure DARK MATTER

  1. But are they *really* in space? 😉

  2. I applaud Scifi for trying new series. “The Expanse” looks promising. Unfortunately, this does not. 6 people “wake up” with no memories, in outer space, blah, blah. Just these tidbits of dialogue and acting are trite and amateurish. Actor 1: “How do you know?” Actor 2: “I JUST KNOW!” or “I don’t know how I know, but I know.”

    This is an unoriginal “original” series. I predict it will fail, like Ascencion did. Too bad, really.

  3. This caught my attention more than the silly “let’s launch a megaton colony ship into space in the 60’s w/o anybody noticing” series.

    (And not only because I once was in a Traveller SF-RPG scenario where we woke up without our memories…)

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