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Table of Contents: THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF THE MUMMY edited by Paula Guran

Paula Guran has shared the table of contents of her new collection, The Mammoth Book of the Mummy. No cover as of yet, but it will debut in the UK in July.


Here’s the synopsis (via Paula Guran):

Our endless fascination with the past is based not only on the impressive remains of ancient monuments and temples, but with the care many cultures—most notably the Egyptian, but others too—devoted to immortalizing their dead. Gazing upon faces of those who died centuries ago—sometimes preserved by accident rather than intent—and experience a wide range of emotion. These enigmatic remains of humanity have inspired creators since the early nineteenth century; literature, film, television, games, and graphic stories all reflect their imaginings. The Mammoth Book of the Mummy presents tales written for the twenty-first century and a few brand-new stories. Some delve into the past, others explore alternative histories, and some bring mummies into our own world. Gasp, sigh, shudder, smile, and occasionally giggle at the magic wrought by these authors who all make the mummy live again.

Here’s the table of contents:

  1. Kage Baker, “The Queen in Yellow”
  2. Gail Carriger, “The Curious Case of the Werewolf That Wasn’t, the Mummy That Was, and the Cat in the Jar”
  3. Paul Cornell, “Ramesses on the Frontier”
  4. Terry Dowling, “The Shaddowes Box”
  5. Carole Nelson Douglas, “Fruit of the Tomb”
  6. Steve Duffy, “The Night Comes On”
  7. Karen Joy Fowler, “Private Grave 9”
  8. Will Hill, “Three Memories of Death”
  9. Stephen Graham Jones, “American Mummy” (original to this collection)
  10. John Langan, “On Skua Island”
  11. Joe R. Lansdale, “Bubba-Ho-Tep”
  12. Helen Marshall, “The Embalmer” (original to this collection)
  13. Kim Newman, “Egyptian Avenue”
  14. Norman Partridge, “The Mummy’s Heart”
  15. Adam Roberts, “Tollund”
  16. Robert Sharp, “The Good Shabti”
  17. Angela Slatter, “Egyptian Revival” (original to this collection)
  18. Keith Taylor, “The Emerald Scarab”
  19. Lois Tilton & Noreen Doyle, “The Chapter of Coming Forth by Night”
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  1. Okay, even without Bubba-Ho-Tep this would be a must-read collection, but that just puts it over the top! 🙂

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