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Table of Contents: THE BEST OF NANCY KRESS

bestofnancykressIn September, Subterranean Press will publish The Best of Nancy Kress with a gorgeous cover by Tom Canty. This is a signed and limited edition of 1000, and they’re taking preorders now.

Here’s the synopsis:

We’re pleased to announce The Best of Nancy Kress, a 200,000 word collection which contains some of the finest short fiction, especially novellas, in recent science fiction, from “Trinity” to “Beggars in Spain” and “Shiva in Shadow”. In addition among its twenty-one stories are gems such as “The Price of Oranges” and “Flowers of Aulit Prison”. The Best of Nancy Kress is essential to any reader who wants to understand contemporary science fiction.

Here’s the table of contents (a larger cover follows):

  1. “And Wild For to Hold”
  2. “Out of All Them Bright Stars”
  3. “Pathways”
  4. “Dancing on Air”
  5. “Unto the Daughters”
  6. “Laws of Survival”
  7. “Someone To Watch Over Me”
  8. “Flowers of Aulit Prison”
  9. “Price of Oranges”
  10. “By Fools Like Me”
  11. “Casey’s Empire”
  12. “Shiva in Shadow”
  13. “Grant Us This Day”
  14. “Kindness of Strangers”
  15. “End Game”
  16. “My Mother, Dancing”
  17. “Trinity”
  18. “People Like Us”
  19. “Evolution”
  20. “Margin of Error”
  21. “Beggars in Spain”


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