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The Three Hoarsemen (Episode 21) – Look Kids, COMICS!

As the cruelest month of April toys with us, John E. O. Stevens, Fred Kiesche and Jeff Patterson huddle in their fortress made of long boxes to talk about COMICS! With Summer approaching, superhero movies are ramping up, DC and Marvel roll out their massive crossovers, and the wind smells of reboots.

The Hoarsemen discuss their experiences with reading comics digitally, the rise of SF/F indie books, and the titles currently delivering the goods. Fred continues his deep dive into generations-worth of continuity and encounters the conundrum of Jean Grey! Duplicitous rogue women appear in long-lived SF properties! And will there ever be a DRM-free collection in our lifetime?

As always, there is an accounting of Culture Consumed.

Running time: 1 Hour 35 Minutes

  1. All New X-Men Vol 1 by Brian Michael Bendis & Stuart Immonen (Marvel)
  2. Darth Vader by Kieron Gillen & Salvador Larroca (Marvel)
  3. The Fuse Vol 2 by Antony Johnston, Justin Greenwood & Shari Chankhamma (Image)
  1. Ms. Marvel Vol 2: Generation Why by G. Willow Wilson, Jacob Wyatt & Adrian Alphona (Marvel)
  2. Convergence by Dan Jurgens & Ethan Van Sciver (DC)
  3. Uber Vol. 1 by Kieron Gillen & Caanan White (Avatar)
  1. Saga Vol. 4 by Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples (Image)
  2. Wayward Vol 1 String Theory by Jim Zubkavich & Steven Cummings (Image)
  3. Astro City: Through Open Doors by Kurt Busiek & Brent Anderson (Image)
  1. Cyclops Vol 1: Starstruck by Greg Rucka & Russell Dauterman (Marvel)
  2. Fairest Vol. 4: Cinderella – Of Men and Mice by Marc Andreyko & Shawn McManus (Vertigo)
  3. The Unwritten Vol 10 War Stories by Mike Carey & Peter Gross (Vertigo)


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8 Comments on The Three Hoarsemen (Episode 21) – Look Kids, COMICS!

  1. Why does this site continue to allow these three yahoos to do a podcast? Why?

    • …in which Fred, in true Hoarsemen fashion, displays his senility by forgetting he’s actually one of the co-hosts. Way to stay true to the logo! πŸ˜‰

  2. I’m on a podcast?

  3. I, for one, am happy these three yahoos continue to podcast.

    (Having said that, I’d probably be even happier if the stereo separation on future episodes wasn’t so dramatic — I’m usually listening on headphones, and this time Jeff was mixed all the way left and Fred & John were mixed all the way right, if I’m remembering correctly. But in the big scheme of things, that’s just a minor niggle.)

  4. Well, that’s because John and I represent the Far Right Wing of the Hoarsemen and Jeff is firmly ensconced in the Lunatic Left.

  5. I assume the Trilateral Commission is behind it all.

  6. Jeff Patterson // April 30, 2015 at 10:20 am //

    The stereo mix was my error and easily rectified, I just forgot to combine channels before posting.

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