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Daily Science Fiction Roster of Stories for June 2015

Daily Science Fiction has announced its June line-up of free stories.

  • June 1 “Democratic Weather” by Sean Vivier
  • June 2 “A Revolution in Four Courses” by Naru Dames Sundar
  • June 3 “Yours, Not Mine” by Hamilton Perez
  • June 4 “Apocalypse Foxes” by Yoon Ha Lee
  • June 5 “The Dollmaker’s Rage” by Mari Ness
  • June 8 “Five Spikes” by Nicholas Diehl
  • June 9 “The Message” by G. O. Clark
  • June 10 “War Games” by Kat Otis
  • June 11 “Time Machines: An End of the Garden Club for Retired Mad Scientists” by Ginger Weil
  • June 12 “Miriam and I, after the End” by I. Verse
  • June 15 “Housewarming” by Nicky Drayden
  • June 16 “Real Reality™ Wants You!” by Amy Sisson
  • June 17 “Necromancer, 79th Infrantry Division” by M.K. Hutchins
  • June 18 “Rocket Time” by Peter A. Schaefer
  • June 19 “On Deliverance” by Sylvia Anna Hiven
  • June 22 “Hellhound, Free to Good Home” by Gerri Leen
  • June 23 “Voidrunner” by Rachael K. Jones
  • June 24 “The Spirit in the Mouth of the Bald Man with Four Eyes” by Ncholas B. Hoins
  • June 25 “Note to a Stranger” by Davian Aw
  • June 26 “The One Mission” by Patricia Russo
  • June 29 “Flash” by Lavia Tidhar
  • June 30 “The Pixie Game” by Anna Zumbro
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