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Daily Science Fiction Roster of Stories for May 2015

Daily Science Fiction has announced its May line-up of free stories.

  • May 01: “Love You, Always” by Jun Yi
  • May 04: “Madhouse on Aisle 12” by Kris Dikeman
  • May 05: “Our Unfortunate Cousins” by Conor Powers-Smith
  • May 06: “Mars Won” by Stephen V. Ramey
  • May 07: “Only Heroes” by Lavie Tidhar
  • May 08: “Strings” by Kelly Haworth
  • May 11: “First Person” by Amber Hayward
  • May 12: “Insert Sanity” by M. J. Francis
  • May 13: “Extra Credit” by Carlos Bueno
  • May 14: “Back in Town” by David Soyka
  • May 15: “The Surreal Fountain Pen” by Bruce Boston
  • May 18: “Person to Person” by Patrick Johanneson
  • May 19: “Ships in the Night” by S.B. Divya
  • May 20: “Dear Superhero” by Beth Powers
  • May 21: “Climbing High” by Stephen S. Power
  • May 22: “Emily” by Bruce H. McAllister
  • May 25: “Dancing with Fire” by Caroline M. Yoachim
  • May 26: “The Matchmaker” by D.K. Holmberg
  • May 27: “Galactic Band-Aid” by Jedd Cole
  • May 28: “The Haunted Snail” by Cat Rambo
  • May 29: “White Poplar” by Shannon Peavey
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