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Kickstart the Long List Anthology

NOTE: This Kickstarter campaign has been postponed.  See this update for details.

Today is the first day for the Kickstarter of the Long List anthology.  The purpose of the Long List Anthology is to celebrate more of the short fiction chosen by the Hugo voters.  The works on the final Hugo ballot always receive a great deal of attention, between the Hugo packet and discussions about voting on various forums.  Every year, after the trophies are given, the Hugo administrators publish the top fifteen nominated items in each category.  The works from this “long list” tend to not get a great deal of attention.  That’s really too bad, because these are things that the fanbase has voted as being among the best, sometimes missing the final ballot by only a small margin.  Although the idea for this anthology was born from discussions of this year’s memorable Hugo year, I think this idea has value in any year and I would like to repeat the project in the future if there is interest.

If this Kickstarter funds, I will solicit the authors of the works on the long list for reprint rights to their stories to gather as much of the long list as possible into this anthology, one easy place for readers to find them.  In this project, I will not be filling the editor’s usual role as arbiter of taste; I will be an impartial compiler of the volume, gathering these stories chosen by the Hugo voters themselves.  The campaign’s base goal includes the short fiction category, with stretch goals for the novelette and novella categories.  Check out the rewards there, which include homemade jam, story critiques, and a crocheted Cthulhu.  If you like the idea, please consider contributing.

For more information, follow the link to the Kickstarter.

Thank you!

"A City On Its Tentacles" Illustration by Galen Dara

“A City On Its Tentacles” Illustration by Galen Dara

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