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SF/F Crowdfunding Roundup: Clockwork Phoenix 5; The Complete Elmore Volume II; the Cauldron Board Game

Crowdfunding is the in thing for obtaining money to fund a variety of projects, with Kickstarter being the most prominent of these sites. With new projects going live daily, it’s a chore to keep up with, let alone find, interesting genre projects. The Crowdfunding Roundup will be our effort to bring projects we think are interesting to your attention so you can, if you so choose, decide to help out. These posts are a collaborative effort between James Aquilone and JP Frantz.

What’s it about? A new volume in the celebrated anthology series devoted to offbeat cross-genre fiction.

Why it’s interesting: After resurrecting the Clockwork Phoenix anthologies through Kickstarter in 2012, editor Mike Allen returns with the fifth volume in the critically acclaimed series. Stories from Clockwork Phoenix 4 were nominated for the Nebula Award, the Shirley Jackson Award, the Theodore Sturgeon Award and the WSFA Small Press Award, as well as selected for several annual best-of anthologies. Submissions for the fifth book will open as soon as the campaign reaches its first funding goal. The Clockwork Phoenix 5 ebook is $10. At $25, you get 13 additional ebooks (including the previous CP volumes, Unseaming, C.S.E. Cooney’s Bone Swans, Francesca Forrest’s Pen Pal, and more.) At the $30 level you get all that and the trade paperback.

What’s it about? Help the Museum of Science Fiction open its first exhibition this summer at Reagan Airport.

Why it’s interesting: The Museum of Science Fiction in Washington, DC, plans to open the “Future of Travel” exhibition at Reagan National Airport on July 7th. The four-month exhibition will feature a large-scale Orion III spaceplane from 2001: A Space Odyssey, retro-futuristic travel posters by artist Steve Thomas, and a companion mobile app that will provide visitors with exhibit information, an interstellar passport, and their own “boarding pass to the future.” This exhibit is the first step toward establishing a permanent museum. Rewards include an interstellar passport and boarding pass, a subscription to the Museum’s Quarterly project update newsletter, travel art postcard set, T-shirts, and posters.

What’s it about? A 256-page black & white hardback book containing many of the artist’s drawings over the last 40 years.

Why it’s interesting: This is a companion to the full-color Larry Elmore: The Complete Elmore Artbook, which was a big success on Kickstarter in 2012. This book contains more than 600 drawings, from rough sketches to finished drawings, from Elmore’s “TSR days through last week.” Some are sketches and drawings used as the basis for some of his more famous paintings. The standard edition hardcover is $49. A limited-edition, signed leather-bound edition is $150.

What’s it about? “An anthology of heroic fantasy adventures featuring all new stories from some of the best authors in the business.”

Why it’s interesting: Looking for “pulse-pounding adventure stories that transport you to a world of magic and wonder”? Look no further than Champions of Aetaltis: A Heroic Fantasy Anthology. Every story in the collection is set in a fantasy world called Aetaltis, created by Marc Tassin, who says it “was designed to embrace the classic elements in fantasy literature, games, and film that we all love and deliver them in a way that is both refreshingly new and intimately familiar.” Authors include Cat Rambo, Lucy A. Snyder, David Farland, Michael A. Stackpole, and Larry Correia. A digital copy of the book is $10, while the paperback is $25. A hardcover, along with other rewards, is $50.

What’s it about? Harvest ingredients, brew potions and cast spells in this light, fun and highly interactive game (2-5 players, 60-90 minutes, ages 11+)

Why it’s interesting: This one just looks interesting, who doesn’t want to play as an alchemist, concocting strange brews that will lead you to victory. What’s even more interesting, each of the 7 characters plays a different way but the game has been balanced to make each one viable. The art looks good and the components, thanks to some stretch goals, look top notch. And, at $24 US, it’s reasonably priced.

What’s it about? Multiplayer space warfare from the minds behind X-Wing, Crysis and Desert Combat.

Why it’s interesting: There are a ton of new space based games releasing in the near future, but this one is staking out new territory: team-based combat. Think Counter Strike, but in space, with ships. Sold! How about Newtonian motion (think Starfuries from Babylon 5). Double sold! Developed by the guys who created the original X-Wing games? Take my money! $25 will get you a digital copy of the game, soundtrack and art book.

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