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Top 25 SF Signal Posts for April 2015

In case you missed them, here are The Top SF Signal Posts for April 2014 (excluding the daily link posts and free fiction posts):

  1. FINALISTS: 2015 Hugo Award
  2. WINNERS: 2014 James Tiptree, Jr. Award (+ Honor List)
  3. eBook Deals: 450 Top-Tier Science Fiction and Fantasy eBooks Under $6 Each
  4. eBook Deals: Pick Up Any of These 213 Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror eBooks For Less Than $4
  5. April Releases in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror
  6. eBook Deals: 43 More Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror eBooks Priced Under $4 Each
  7. Table of Contents: THE BESTIARY edited by Ann VanderMeer
  8. Coming Soon: A KNIGHT OF THE SEVEN KINGDOMS by George R.R. Martin
  9. [TV REVIEW] Olympus is Exactly What You’d Expect from Syfy
  10. WINNER: 2015 Philip K. Dick Award
  11. eBook Deal: Tor Books is Having a $3.99 Space Opera eBook Sale!
  12. Book Meme! Answer These 8 Questions About Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Books
  13. I Have the Folio Society Edition of DUNE and it is Truly Magnificent
  14. ALL THOSE VANISHED ENGINES by Paul Park is a Mind Bending Sci-Fi Read
  15. WINNERS: 2015 BSFA Awards
  16. eBook Deal: A Tasty Selection of 13 Post-Apocalyptic eBook Titles
  17. Jacek Dukaj’s THE OLD AXOLOTL: HARDWARE DREAMS is a Multi-Dimensional and Profound Read
  18. MIND MELD: Remembering Terry Pratchett and Leonard Nimoy (Part Two)
  19. [GUEST POST] Ken Liu (THE GRACE OF KINGS) Discusses Silkpunk and a New Aesthetic
  20. THE GRACE OF KINGS by Ken Liu is a Fantasy of Epic and Sweeping Proportions
  21. FINALISTS: 2015 Arthur C. Clarke Award
  22. MIND MELD: Remembering Terry Pratchett and Leonard Nimoy (Part One)
  23. Peter Orullian’s THE UNREMEMBERED is a Complex Epic Fantasy with Depth
  24. Syfy Original Series Trailer: The New Hard SF Space Adventure DARK MATTER
  25. MIND MELD: Characters That Will Still Be Around in the 22nd Century
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