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[Video] StarShip Sofa Gives You the Asimov vs. Heinlein Smackdown!

Hello everyone! John has kindly given me a spare set of keys to SF Signal and has agreed to let me post my StarShipSofaHQ videos here – thank you John.

For this first outing I offer you the Asimov Vs Heinlein Smackdown. I’ve re-read two classic books: Caves of Steel by Isaac Asimov and Double Star by Robert A. Heinlein. There can only be one winner! Which one would you pick? Am I right or wrong? Let me know.

3 Comments on [Video] StarShip Sofa Gives You the Asimov vs. Heinlein Smackdown!

  1. I agree completely. I’ve reread both in recent years, and Heinlein still works, and Asimov doesn’t. Double Star isn’t even my favorite Heinlein, but its obviously a more engaging story. For some reason, I did like the sequel to The Caves of Steel, The Naked Sun. I’ve been rereading all my favorite 1950s books over the last decade, and some still work and some don’t. Heinlein holds up, but not Clarke and Asimov. At least for me.

  2. Thank you John for sharing your thoughts. As you say, both authors are known for two dimensional characters. Heinlein goes down easier when it comes to novelettes, novellas, and novels. Asimov is the master of the short story. When an Asimov story goes on too long, his intellectual intensity makes work out of entertainment. Taken in bite sized chunks textbooks are fun (to me), but it becomes work to sit down and read a textbook from cover to cover.

  3. Gotta back your play. It’s been a while since I read either, and now I barely remember Caves of Steel. (Like Jim said above, Naked Sun is more memorable.). But I remember Double Star like it was last week. A lovely story.

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