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Listen to Isaac Asimov and Leonard Nimoy Read “The Last Question”

“The Last Question” is a classic science fiction story that covers several trillion years of human history. It was written by Isaac Asimov and first appeared in the November 1956 issue of Science Fiction Quarterly. It’s part of his series of Multivac short stories, which also includes the stories “Question” (1955), “Jokester” (1956), “The Machine That Won the War” (1961), and “Potential” (1983), among others.

“The Last Question” has been included in numerous anthologies since it was first written (including Nine Tomorrows, and there are a couple of interesting audio version floating around. One was recorded by the author himself. Another was recorded by Leonard Nimoy as part of a planetarium presentation of the story.

You can listen to both readings below.

[via Kam-Yung Soh and Open Culture]

UPDATE from Kam-Yung Soh: The Last Question – The web comic.

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  1. Voices from the grave.

    I like Asimov’s version better. Nimoy’s narration was the best part of the second version, but the director ruined it with the reverb echoes and sound effects.

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