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OK, Matt Damon, I’m Sold on THE MARTIAN


Not that I needed any more prompting since I loved reading Andy Weir’s The Martian, but the two trailers for the upcoming film adaptation starring Matt Damon (the first official trailer a “backgrounder” teaser trailer) are looking pretty good and make me want to see it all the more.

[Thanks, Eddie!]

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3 Comments on OK, Matt Damon, I’m Sold on THE MARTIAN

  1. The novel was enjoyable if slight, as thin as the paint on a solar sail despite being just as pretty. It may work far better as a movie, though, as with Cloony and Bullock in Gravity, there’s a part of me that’s rooting for outer space–or in this case Mars.

  2. Mark Stephenson // June 9, 2015 at 9:54 pm //

    I downloaded it as an audiobook from and thoroughly enjoyed it. There were days I hated to get out of the car upon getting to work or getting home due to the point I was at in the audiobook. Cannot wait for this film. If it is as good as it seems, it could be Ridley Scott’s redemption from Prometheus.

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