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[SF/F/H Link Post] The Hidden Brilliance of The Wachowskis; Top 5 Dieselpunk Films; A Writer’s Dirty Little Secret

Interviews & Profiles

  • B&N interviews Charlie Jane Anders, author of All the Birds in the Sky.
  • The BBC interviews Neil Gaiman about his work and his friend Terry Pratchett.
  • My Bookish Ways interviews Paul Tremblay, author of A Head Full of Ghosts.
  • PRI interviews Neal Stephenson, author of Seveneves.
  • The Qwillery interviews Peter Clines, author of The Fold.
  • SCy-Fy: the blog of S. C. Flynn interviews podcasters The Three Hoarsemen, John E. O. Stevens, Fred Kiesche, and Jeff Patterson.
  • SFFWorld interviews Theresa Shaver, author of Snow & Ash.


Events & Event News

Crowd Funding

  • Buy This One-Of-A-Kind Hellboy Art, and Support Comics Creators In Need.
  • The Time Keeper – The Time Keeper is a Graphic Novel based around the idea of time travel. Follow the character discovering himself throughout time.
  • UR’ Dead! – a full-color card game with awesome art and addictive game play that is fun for family and friends until . . . UR’ Dead!



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