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Table of Contents: Nonlocal Science Fiction, Issue #2

NonlocalIssue2Medium (2)The table of contents of Nonlocal Science Fiction Issue #2 have been announced.

Nonlocal Science Fiction is a quarterly science fiction anthology published by 33rd Street Digital Press. It seeks to expand the science fiction genre by working mainly with new and independent authors and giving them a legitimate outlet for their work. It is primarily a digital publication, available through major e-book retails like the Amazon Kindle Store, iBooks, and the Nook Store as well as several others. It is also available as a print-on-demand magazine through Amazon.

When Issue #2 of Nonlocal Science Fiction launches on June 15th, it will be available exclusively through Amazon. You’ll be able to read it for free as part of your subscription to Kindle Unlimited or borrow it from the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library if you subscribe to Amazon Prime.

Here’s the table of contents:


  • “Threshold” by James Pratt
  • “The Pallbearers of the Light” by Brennen Neithercoat
  • “Out of the Void” by Ian Broderick
  • “The Texture of Time” by Dara Marquardt
  • “Very Little Risk” by Aaron Katzmarek
  • “Madness is a Seed That Sleeps in the Space Between Your Ears” by Graeme Tennant
  • “Amber’s Box” by Kaley Keane


  • “Deal Gone Bad, Chapter 2” by Thad Kanupp


  • Letter From the Editor
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