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Adaptation Watch: Charlie Human’s APOCALYPSE NOW NOW Optioned for Film

SciFiNow is reporting that Charlie Human’s gonzo novel Apocalypse Now Now has been optioned by XYZ studios for a film adaptation. The screenplay is being written by District 9 and Chappie scribe Terri Tatchell.

The book can only really be described as “weird” as it mixes elements of fantasy, horror, apocalypse and lots of other things. And do I spy tentacles on the cover? The story revolves around Baxter Zevcenko, an up-and-coming entrepreneur, or sorts. He’s the 16 year old leader of a syndicate peddling smut in his schoolyard. Things are going great until his girlfriend Esme is kidnapped by “strange forces”.

Baxter enlists the help of a “bearded, booze-soaked, supernatural bounty hunter” named of Jackson ‘Jackie’ Ronin. The main thrust of the story is Baxter’s and Ronin’s attempts to save Esme from the seedy Cape Town underworld and the unimaginable horrors they encounter.

Gotta admit…they had me at “supernatural bounty hunter”. How did I miss this when it came through SF Signal HQ?

The book already has a sequel (Kill Baxter). If the film version of Apocalypse Now Now goes well, can an adaptation of Kill Baxter be far behind?

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