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Daily Science Fiction Roster of Stories for July 2015

Daily Science Fiction has announced its July line-up of free stories.

  • July 1 “The Man’s Smile” by J. Robert DeWitt
  • July 2 “Yellowed” by Peter Roberts
  • July 3 “This Is the Humming Hour” by Kate Heartfield
  • July 6 “500 Seconds” by Brent C. Smith
  • July 7 “Stasis” by Robert Bommarito
  • July 8 “Dear Jezzy: How Can a Devil Make an Angel Say Yes?” by Sarina Dorie
  • July 9 “An Amateur’s Guide to Time Travel” by Marian Rosarum
  • July 10 “Eve’s Father” by Miriah Hetherington
  • July 13 “The Alien Came over the Hill” by Karen Heuler
  • July 14 “Innumerate” by Laurence Brothers
  • July 15 “This Is Telepathy” by Megan Neumann
  • July 16 “The Petals” by Mari Ness
  • July 17 “The Alchemist’s Wife” by Melody Marie Sage
  • July 20 “Culmination” by Bud Sparhawk
  • July 21 “Twist Ex Machina” by H.L. Fullerton
  • July 22 “Dear Jezzy: The Problem with the Santas” by Sarina Dorie
  • July 23 “Teaching Your Demon Lover to Cha Cha” by Marcy Arlin
  • July 24 “A Conspiracy of Vegetables” by Teri J. Babcock
  • July 27 “The Other Forty-Two” by Sean Williams
  • July 28 “What Lasts” by Jared W. Cooper
  • July 29 “Endgame” by Barry Charman
  • July 30 “Things to Do after They’re Gone” by Monidipa Mondal
  • July 31 “In the Detail” by Simon Kewin
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