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fedeponceFede Ponce has been in the entertainment industry for more than 15 years and he is humbled by having had the lucky opportunity to work on some of the biggest blockbusters to date. Whether leading global campaigns of MAIN TITLES for MARVEL movies as Creative Director or creating a metal suit for IRON MAN as a VFX supervisor, he has found himself working with some of the most creative people in entertainment. He has directed commercials and video game cinematics. However, he always dreamed of developing his own project. He received the help of Bertha Navarro, producer for Guillermo Del Toro, and has worked closely with Academy Award winning writer Zachary Sklar to ensure his project: Sebastian’s Odyssey is founded on an incredibly solid story. Find out more about Sebastian: the Slumberland Odyssey on Twitter, Facebook, and the website.

Sebastian: the Slumberland Odyssey

by Fede Ponce

After eight years of late night nights and financial sacrifice, I share with you my personal project: Sebastian: the Slumberland Odyssey. It’s the first of its kind, genre-busting series. It’s a mind bending live action/CGI episodic tale that blends Magical Realism with Science Fiction, in an unexplored new genre: SCI-FAN.

About the project:

In a future ruled by AI, where disease is a choice and unauthorized dreaming is punishable by death, a young orphan risks his life by traveling into the Dreamworld in order to save his inexplicably ill grandfather.

Inspired by true events.

An amazing journey you haven’t dreamed before

Thanks to an incredibly advanced A.I. humanity has been able to overcome war and poverty. Disease is now a choice. At last mankind has been united under a mission of collective prosperity. With one small price to pay: The loss of individuality.

In order for humankind to unite, people have forgone their ability to dream as well as their desire to be different.

And with just cause, since unauthorized dreaming is now punishable by death.


However, there is another world beyond the reach of the A.I. : The Dreamverse.. or as it is known in legend: Slumberland. It is known as a realm made up of the entire collection of human dreams and desires. It is a vortex of chaos, fun and adventure where the remaining renegades and thought-provocateurs escape to in the middle of the night. Slumberland is a place of wonder where nothing is what it seems and the last remnants of human emotion remain pure and powerful.


There is a small house in the outskirts of the city, where the last unassimilated immigrants reside. Here two siblings thick as thieves and a few years apart: Sebastian and Mika take turns assisting their mysteriously ill grandfather. The clock is ticking and danger looms near for neither sibling can stop themselves from dreaming. Now that the A.I. has taken note of the last dreamers, Mika inexplicably disappears leaving Sebastian and his grandfather alone. With his last breath grandpa has tasked young and fearful Sebastian to venture into the dreamworld in order to obtain a magical potion before his time runs out… or if the A.I. does not get to him first.


You can find out more about the story and the characters here.

slumberland5A story inspired by true events:
The story of those two brothers and Sebastian’s journey through Slumberland was inspired by the relationship I have with my brother. When I was young I left my hometown and came to California to develop my artistic skills. I used to visit my family often and in one of those trips, my father told me that I was going to have a baby brother. In order to make the most of the moments we spent together I created Slumberland. It’s a world in which anything could happen. It was a place that two brothers could visit together no matter how far away they were from each other.

You can find more about those stories and a recollection of my conversations, thoughts and feelings at

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