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Free SF, Fantasy and Horror Fiction – Baen Solves the Energy Crisis, While Tor Spills the Bag of Beans on Foxman

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What’s Special About Today’s Free Fiction?

  1. @Baen: “The 100 MPG Carburetor and Other Self-Evident Truths” by Robert Buettner
  2. @Tor: “The Totally Secret Origin of Foxman: Excerpts from an EPIC Autobiography” by Kelly McCullough
  3. Fantasy Scroll Magazine #7 – June 2015


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Free eBooks – Science Fiction

Origin: Season One by Nathaniel Dean James
What could an assassination program begun by the Nixon administration and a malfunctioning camera on board NASA’s Voyager II space probe possibly have in common?
To Francis Moore, finding the answer is about to become a matter of life and death.
Uprooted by a chance encounter from a promising career in the Marine Corps and thrust onto the front line of the country’s clandestine “war on terror”, Francis has few illusions left about the world and how it works. In an attempt to atone for his complicity in one of the more egregious of the CIA’s covert operations, he resolves to expose the program, only to find his efforts thwarted at the last minute by the intervention of a highly determined “third party”, whose motives he neither suspects nor understands.
Caught suddenly in a rising tempest of murder, deceit and betrayal, Francis has no choice but to turn his talents to identifying his new assailants before it is too late.

[Science Fiction / Technothriller Serial – First Season – Amazon | B&N | Kobo | Smashwords]

Rule of Thumb (Balance of Power) by Scott Baughman
The network of the future is always on…until THEY cut you off. In a world where losing your connection to the worldwide social network means becoming a Nameless one, privileged elite Adrien Faulk will find out all too quickly just what it means to be cut off. Faulk’s journey to find a lost pair of binoculars will lead him from the mean streets of near-future New York City to an ancient Mayan pyramid in Guatemala. He’ll come face-to-face with a global mystery, a cybernetic assassin and a crazed, technological cult. Along the way he’ll find a prophecy about mankind’s destiny among the stars and answers to what it means to be an individual, a hero….and maybe, what it means to be human.
But will he find out what he needs to know in time to save us all?

[Science Fiction Adventure Novella – Amazon | Kobo | Smashwords]

Tentacles: An Anthology by
Four short science fiction stories of tentacle monster mayhem and destruction to keep you awake at night wondering if you’ve already been the next victim…
[Science Fiction Monster / Horror Anthology – Amazon | B&N | Kobo]

Free eBooks – Post-Apocalyptic and Dystopian – Young Adult

Night of the Purple Moon (The Toucan Trilogy) by Scott Cramer
Abby is looking forward to watching the moon turn purple, unaware that deadly bacteria from a passing comet will soon kill off older teens and adults. She must help her brother and baby sister survive in this new world, but all the while she has a ticking time bomb inside of her–adolescence.
[YA Post-Apocalyptic Novel – First of Series – Amazon]

Free eBooks – Fantasy

Hero For Hire (Eno the Thracian Book 1) by C.B. Pratt
Armed with a wry voice and a swift sword, Eno the Thracian finds his simple mission to rid an island of a harpy involves a mystery that shakes the throne of Zeus Himself. With both Hekate, Witch Queen of the Underworld, and Aphrodite, Goddess of Desire, taking a ‘personal’ interest in Eno, the secrets of his early life will become unexpectedly important if he is to overcome the evil that threatens the entire world.
[Mythological Sword & Sorcery Novel – First of Series – Amazon | B&N | Kobo | Smashwords]

Landlords (The Travels of Latham Cole #1) by Daniel J. Gyure
Reality is coming undone. Dimensions collide together and meld. Natural and scientific laws no longer hold sway. Entire worlds blink from the sky. All of existence is in jeopardy from what many call the Weyrd, and no one knows how to save it.
Latham Cole isn’t trying to save anything. A stranger to all lands, he’s been called a renegade by some, a villain and a savior by others. Some rumors even label him a legendary westard, the “western wizards” of old. But Latham just keeps his eyes forward, on his own redemptive quest, just trying to stay one step ahead of the annihilation dogging his heels. Until his travels bring him to the small mountain town of Achilles Roost, a sad burg with an even sadder population.
Only it’s not what it seems. A Landlord, the gigantic, ancient birdgod of this land, has been circling the mountain for weeks–and its loud, soul-splitting cries are angry. What’s more, the leader of the town, an enigmatic man named Charles Chastain, has taken to calling himself Landlord–an act both sacrilegious and insane. But the longer Latham stays in the Roost, the more he learns the man’s dark secrets may have given him the right to call himself a god.
Reality is falling apart, and no person nor land nor god is safe. Hell won’t be the worst thing standing in Latham’s way.
The Weyrd is coming.

[Fantasy Western Novella – First of Series – Amazon]

The Puddingstone Well by William Westhoven
Be Careful What You Wish For:
Music lovers around the world are mourning the alleged suicide of a famous musician while sports fans are shocked by the sudden death of a mercurial tennis champion. Only one person — a troubled young writer — knows these two doomed celebrities shared a mysterious past. When would-be investigative journalist Jersey Jackson sets out on a search for the truth, he finds a great deal more than he bargained for, including the stunning secrets of his birthright. Meanwhile, a benevolent billionaire inventor, gripped by terminal illness, embarks on a similar path to the same destination…

[Contemporary Fantasy Novel – Amazon]

@Beneath Ceaseless Skies: #178 – July 23, 2015 by
[Fantasy Magazine – EPUB, MOBI, PDF – Beneath Ceaseless Skies | Amazon | B&N | Kobo | Smashwords]

Free eBooks – Fantasy – Young Adult

The Breakers Code (Fixed Points #1) by Conner Kressley
Where were you when the world ended?
Three weeks shy of her seventeenth birthday, Cresta Karr wakes to find her world is falling apart. The necklace her father left her is mysteriously missing, a black sedan is stalking her and her friends, and her house is minutes away from exploding. To top it off, she finds out that Owen, the enigmatic, if slightly off-kilter guy of her dreams, is both not interested in going out with her and a superspy sent by a clandestine organization to keep tabs on her.
Turns out Cresta is the subject of a 500 year old prophecy, and if Owen and the other “Breakers” can’t find a way to circumvent the future before the sun comes up on her birthday, Cresta is destined to bring about the end of the world — something she’d rather not have on her college applications. That is, of course, if the gun-toting cult members piling onto her front porch don’t get to her first.
The countdown is on. Secrets will be revealed, relationships will be tested, prophecies will be fulfilled, and fate will fight free will in a battle so intense that it won’t end until the world itself does.
Happy birthday, Cresta.

[YA Paranormal Fantasy Novel – First of Series – Amazon | Kobo]

The Six, and the Crystals of Ialana (The Ialana Series #1) by Katlynn Brooke
What is Ialana?
It is a mysterious continent in a world that once suffered enormous catastrophe due to misuse of crystal technology. The inhabitants of Ialana no longer remember their history. Are they doomed to repeat it?
Who are the Six?
The first book in the series sets the stage for the emergence of six young healers to rediscover their connection to events that took place 500 years previously. There is no lack of action and danger as the six, with a seventh who may be a traitor, set out on a perilous journey across the continent of Ialana.
In their search for the crystal they must navigate over dangerous mountain passes, pursued by a vicious army recruiter, and through caves and tunnels guarded by mutant monsters. Who is the mysterious shape-shifter they encounter in the mountain passes and what role does he play in their quest?

[YA Sword & Sorcery Novel – First of Series

Free eBooks – Vampires

Jason Teufel by Christopher Kilgore
History is written by the victors. It’s something we’ve known for years. The classic biblical tale depicts an eternal struggle between gruesome demons and gallant angels. Good vs. evil. Light vs. dark. But what if this is just another skewed perception of history? What if the truth is so much darker than a simple black and white tale?
Jason Teufel is haunted by dreams of an ancient battlefield field covered with fire and smoke, monstrous creatures fighting legions of angels, and hidden gems that glow with power. Of these nightmares, it is the black hall that scares him the most. Cold and dark, he is dragged through a long hallway night after night, the still breath of death bearing ever down on him.
When a terrifying vampire by the name of Moragan, kidnaps Jason in the hopes of resurrecting a terrible evil, he is forced to confront the horrors of his mind. Hunted by angels and demons alike, the once cut and dry biblical fiction becomes so much hazier then it had once seemed. Evil fights evil and good seems suspiciously absent from either side.
With nothing as it should be, Jason must traverse the bowls of the earth, each step unlocking a new clue to the reason behind the war of Heaven and Hell. As the dreams become clearer, Jason becomes colder. Perhaps a “gift” from Moragan or perhaps something that has always been there, the darkness within begins to change him. Now there is a choice that must be made, with the truth laid bare at his feet, will he cling to the old ideas of history or will he resist the powers that be…

[Vampire / Dark Fantasy / Cyberpunk Novel – Amazon]

Free eBooks – Superhero

Escape (Omega #1) by Keith Latch
The government lied.
A UFO did, in fact, crash land in the New Mexico desert in the summer of 1947. Quickly intercepted by the US military, the unidentified flying object and its occupants were whisked away to secret installations.
In 1985, after almost forty years of research, a successful splice of alien and human DNA is achieved.
Raised as a lab experiment that the military hoped to be a “super-soldier,” Omega, trained in combat, educated strenuously, becomes the main component in General “Anvil” Hendricks elite military unit assigned to Phantom Base in Adaven, New Mexico. General Hendricks, a three-star general, believes the Omega Project will be the key to his elusive fourth star.
After a perilous first mission, the program is suspended, the plug pulled…
… if it were only that easy

[Superhero Novella – First of Series – Amazon]

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