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Happy Birthday to Us, Part 12

This month (July 12th) marks SF Signal’s 12th Birthday. Yay us! 🙂

It’s been another fast and fun year here at SF Signal, and what better way to celebrate than to throw links and parenthetical expressions at you faster than you can possibly keep up with.


At the beginning of this year, the fantabulous Kristin Centorcelli (she of My Bookish Ways) took over the reigns as Associate Editor of this here corner of the web. She’s doing a superb job, too. Through her tireless efforts, old-timers like myself keep from going insane. (Well, at least from going even deeper into the world of insanity.) Kristin is not only fun and a pleasure to work with, she’s reliable and doesn’t take any guff from cranky Managing Editors, no matter how many restraining orders he gets. She’s also humble as well, so I’m sure that when she’s editing this very post, she won’t sneak in any words like “fantabulous”, “tireless”, “superb”, “fun” and “humble”.


Our already-awesome army of contributors has grown a little this year. Joining our esteemed ranks, and making them even more…er, “esteemeder”…are:

  • Rachel Cordasco – Rachel’s not just an avid reader, she’s an avid reader of translated genre fiction. Her astute reviews make it hard not to get a thorough feel for the books she’s discussing. Stop making my to-read pile grow already!
  • Sarah Olsen – Sarah’s also an avid reader who writes thorough reviews. Reading one of her reviews is almost like reading the book itself. In other words: Beware of expanding reading lists again.
  • Paula S. Jordan – Or most recent contributor, Paula is a writer who, through her column A Writer’s Corner, shares her writerly insights. There are useful articles for both writers and readers: the former because Paula discusses craft; the latter because it offers a peek into a mind that creates fiction.

Wanna know about the ins and outs of genre? The ups and downs of the books we adore? A behind-the-scenes look at what goes into creating the worlds we love? The perils of creating/reading/loving books? Then peruse our incredible archive of guest posts! Through the kind contributions (Thank You!) of genre writers and fans, we help keep the sff discussion going. Even better: we not only give you a ringside seat, but also your very own microphone. It looks like a text box on your computer, but’s it’s totally a microphone.


This past year, the be-hatted Patrick Hester picked up his first Hugo for Best Fancast! (He previously won a Hugo for Editing SF Signal.) We couldn’t be more happy for Patrick. Well…maybe a little happier if he, oh I don’t know, sent me a random bagel every now and then, but that’s only tenuously related to podcasting. (To be fair, amidst Patrick’s drunken, post-Hugo partying, he phoned me in the wee hours of the morning to slur an “I love you, Man!” in addition to finally admitting that bagels were indeed superior to bear claws in each and every way.) Congratulations, Patrick! It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy! (There. Now can I have my $5?)


When he’s not polishing his Hugo (if you know what I mean), Patrick is busy recording, recording, recording. (It takes him three times to get it right. Hiyo!) Patrick has clocked in 292 SF Signal podcasts. Eight more and he wins a Chrsyler Cordoba with seats draped in fine Corinthian Leather! Patrick’s laid-back interviewing style puts interviewees at ease…so that they let down their guard enough to say something incriminating which Patrick then keeps on a secured blackmail drive as insurance. I’m not sure what Patrick hopes to gain by that, but thanks to him for allowing us to be possible targets for future subpoenas. (And to show you the kind of person Patrick is, he’s not giggling at that last word even two-thirds as much as I am. Heh…subpoenas…)

This past year, The Three Hoarsemen podcast returned with the vengeance of a bad back and a whooping-cough. Messrs Fred Kiesche, John H. Stevens and Jeff Patterson (and the occasional guest hoarse-person) provided a baker’s dozen of episodes for your aural pleasure, where they discussed all manner of books, films, television shows and comics. If memory serves, they even did an episode about tax shelters and assisted living facilities…or maybe that was a pre-taping discussion, I can’t remember.

We only hosted a single episode of SF Crossing the Gulf, the awesome and wonderful podcast hosted by Karen Burnham and Karen Lord. Insightful and captivating, the two Karens — I’m always calling each of them by the other’s name — sit comfortably on the critical/literary side of podcasting and I can’t wait for more.


If you visit SF Signal on a daily basis (“Thank you!” if you do, “Get Off Our Lawn!” if you don’t) you know we post content each and every day and have for several years. Some of those posts are even interesting! Short of making a pact with Satan to do so, it’s impossible to list all the stuff we posted throughout the last 12 months, so I encourage you to peruse our archives. Poke around by tag or topic. You’re guaranteed to find something that interests you or that neighbor who plays his music too loudly. (Said guarantee being you can have Patrick’s Chrysler Cordoba should he actually record another 8 podcast and be drunk enough to hand you the keys.)


…I’d like to extend our 12th year-end big-@$$ Thank You to all the SF Signal readers out there on the other side of the magic com-pu-ter box who have taken the time out of their busy lives to hang out and share their thoughts on the genres we all know and (dammit!) love. I’ve cut-and-pasted it before and I’ll cut-and-paste it again: You are the reason we do this every single day and we genuinely hope that you are having as much fun with SF Signal as we are bringing it to you.

See you later…in spaaace!

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John DeNardo is the Managing Editor at SF Signal and a columnist at Kirkus Reviews. He also likes bagels. So there.

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  1. Congrats on reaching puberty!

    Thanks for being so informative on SF&F and fun with it. All best for the next 12 years.

  2. Congratulations! Here’s to the next twelve years!

  3. Happy birthday to both of us!

  4. Paul Weimer (@PrinceJvstin) // July 12, 2015 at 8:31 pm //

    Happy Birthday to us!

  5. Congratulations. Almost a teenager!!!

    The second decade gets easier. The third and you begin to wonder why?

  6. Happy birthday! Thank you for keeping us all entertained, informed, and up to date on genre news for 12 years.

  7. This is my daily stop for news and views of the genre, and it’s a treasure. YOU do all the work, I get to sit back and enjoy. Thank you, thank you.

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