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Jeff Carlson’s PLAGUE YEAR Trilogy Gets Spiffy New eBook Covers. Oh Look! They’re Author’s Cut Editions for only $3.99 Each

Jeff Carlson’s Plague Year Trilogy is a post-apocalyptic treat — and now the new eBook “Author’s Cut” Editions not only have new book covers, they’re proced at only $3.99 each! (Print editions are also available.) Each book has a fresh new cover on the outside and nanotech schematics and maps on the inside.

Here’s the scoop on each of ’em:

The nanotech was intended to save lives. Instead, it killed five billion people, devouring all warm-blooded lifeforms except on the highest mountain peaks.

The safe line is 10,000 feet. Below, there is only death. Above, there is famine and war. Mankind’s final hope rests with a scientist aboard the International Space Station… and with one man in California who gambles everything on a desperate mission into the ruins of the old world…

Cam Najarro and Ruth Goldman have developed a vaccine to protect Earth’s survivors from the Archos plague, but the shattered U.S. government will do anything to keep the vaccine for themselves. Intent on sharing their cure, Cam and Ruth must cross the apocalyptic wastelands of North America… never realizing a greater threat is about to strike…

After surviving the Archos plague and the wars that followed, Ruth Goldman and Cam Najarro find peace in a village hidden in the Rockies, but the race for weaponized nanotech has accelerated. America is hit by new nano plague. Aided by a small group of friends and rivals, Ruth and Cam must discover the source of the contagion… an old enemy they believed dead…

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