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Kerry Conran’s JOHN CARTER OF MARS Film That Could Have Been

Kerry Conran (Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow) developed the following presentation reel for the abandoned Paramount Production of John Carter of Mars. Not a bad reel, in my opinion. Not that the 2012 production of John Carter was terrible…but this vision does capture the feel of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ book and is nonetheless impressive.

What do you think?

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3 Comments on Kerry Conran’s JOHN CARTER OF MARS Film That Could Have Been

  1. IMO the 2012 John Carter was a great adaption. For the most part. Andrew Stanton needed a stronger producer to override his bad editing. You can cut the first 5m 14s from the movie without impairing the story. The flyers were well realized. The Tharks rifles were well realized. The Tharks and the Great White Apes were well realized. The tattoos of the Red Men were a shock but they worked. The ‘language juice’ was a neat trick.

    The swords sucked. The paddles used to propel the reed boat down the River Iss sucked.

    I liked Taylor Kitsch in the lead role, and I loved Lynn Collins as Dejah Thoris.

    The PTB in Hollywood are superstitious about any movie that contains Mars in the title. Let them name the next attempt ‘Barsoom’. The faithful will know what that means and they will spread the word if the movie is good.

  2. OMG – I never ran across my “bizarro world avatar” before.
    Antares, everything you say about the film I take the violently opposite POV.
    The “language juice” was completely stupid; it would never have been discovered in the first place and “how the heck did the first green martians learn to talk”?
    The flyers – fighting ships – were made out of tissue paper and used a power source that is unreliable. Not good engineering for fighting ships.
    The acting was universally bad – wooden, uninspired, pointless
    The tattoos were stupid – fighters frequently moved from city to city – what do they do, flay themselves?
    The Tharks were no better marksmen than SW storm troopers, which runs completely counter to the book. The Apes were about 10 times too big and went from a minor adventure in the book to a set piece in the film.
    Hollywood ought to expunge every mention of that film and we should all be issued bleach so we can wash the taste of it out of our eyeballs.

    Nothing personal Antares – I’m just surprised that two people can watch the same film and come away with completely opposite views

  3. The best people, with the best intentions, can take the best property and make a mediocre movie. It can happen to any film.
    When they burn through hundreds of millions of dollars and doesn’t make bank, it can poison the well.

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