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On Kirkus: HINTERKIND, VOLUME 1: The Waking World

Over on the Kirkus Reviews blog today, I’ve got a look at the DC / Vertigo book Hinterkind Volume 1: The Waking World.

From the post:

In the opening pages of Hinterkind, we’re introduced to a world where The Blight killed billions of people, putting the human race on the top of the endangered species list. On the island of Manhattan, a small village survives (sorry John – there are no bagels). Everyone has a role in this society, and every role supports the greater good of the village. Prosper and Angus are two such villagers, and neither appreciates their roles as farmers. Prosper wants to be a hunter. Angus isn’t sure what he wants. But the world is full of dangers; wild animals, infection, disease, things that were easily cured a few decades now can spell doom for a village like theirs.

Head over to the post to read the rest. I highly recommend Hinterkind if you’re looking for some post-apocalyptic goodness!

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