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[Short Film] Alien Communications

“Alien Communications” is a sweet but awkward coming of age story about two teenagers who discover a crashed alien probe.When a young girl brings a boy she has feelings for to the woods to share her fantastic discovery, an awkward tension erupts between the pair. Luckily for them, the space probe they’ve found hasn’t come to conquer, only to observe. Unfortunately, as the awkwardness between the young couple escalates, they become increasingly intriguing specimens to the probe. This charming and funny coming-of-age short was created by Pennsylvania-based Something’s Awry Productions and stars upcoming actors Evangeline Young and Luke Baxter.

“Sometimes communicating with the opposite sex can be as alien as communicating with well… an alien. This slightly sci-fi short film is a touching coming of age story that the awkward in all of us can relate to.”

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  1. Cute. I like it.

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