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Table of Contents: See the Elephant Magazine Issue One

See the Elephant is a brand new semi-pro e-zine published by Metaphysical Circus Press, and is dedicated to fiction with a metaphysical slant. The first issue came out on July 13th (and revolves around transformation), and we’ve got the table of contents below. You can read two of the stories online now, and they’ll be posting the rest in the coming weeks. You can purchase direct through Metaphysical Circus or on Amazon.

Here’s the table of contents (larger cover image follows):

  1. “True Life 50 Miles” by Michael Wehunt (Illustration by Will Sullivan)
  2. “The Conversion” by Barry King (Illustration by Megan James)
  3. “In the Huts of Ajala” by Nisi Shawl (Illustration by Ags Andrew)
  4. “Listen to the Deaf Man Sing” by Edward Ahern (Illustration by Darko Drašković)
  5. “Errantry” by Elizabeth Hand (Illustration by Ryan Schultz)
  6. “Another Country Doctor” by Andrew S. Fuller (Illustration by Will Sullivan)
  7. “Butterflies” by Zoe Fowler (Photo by Dartmouth Electron Microscope Facility)
  8. “Up the Fire Road” by Eileen Gunn (Collage by Sophia Hermes.)
  9. “They End up in Space” by J. August (Illustration by Natalie DeMenthon)

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