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Books Received: August 10, 2015 (Ellen Datlow, Harlan Ellison, Daniel H. Wilson/John Joseph Adams, Douglas Adams & James Goss, Jaymee Goh & Joyce Chng & More)


In the interest of full disclosure (and as seen on Twitter), here are the books we received this week.

  1. The Chase (Last Man) by Bastien Vivès, Michaël Sanlaville, Balak (First Second)
  2. Reawakened (The Reawakened Series) by Colleen Houck (Delacorte Press)
  1. Press Start to Play (Vintage Original) by Daniel H. Wilson & John Joseph Adams (Editors) (Vintage)
  2. Doctor Who: City of Death by Douglas Adams & James Goss (Ace)
  1. The Best Horror of the Year Volume Seven by Ellen Datlow (Editor) (Night Shade Books)
  2. Can & Can’tankerous by Harlan Ellison (Subterranean)
  1. The Sea Is Ours: Tales from Steampunk Southeast Asia by Jaymee Goh & Joyce Chng (Editors) (Rosarium Publishing)
  2. Descender Volume 1: Tin Stars by Jeff Lemire & Dustin Nguyen (Image Comics)
  1. Here & There by Joshua V. Scher (47North)
  2. End Time by Keith Korman (Tor Books)
  1. Barsk: The Elephants’ Graveyard by Lawrence M. Schoen (Tor Books)
  2. The Rise of the Automated Aristocrats: A Burton & Swinburne Adventure by Mark Hodder (Pyr)
  1. My Loaded Gun, My Lonely Heart: A Horror Novel by Martin Rose (Talos)
  2. The Fall of the House of West (Battling Boy) by Paul Pope (First Second)
  1. The Exiled Earthborn: The Earthborn Trilogy Book 2 by Paul Tassi (Talos)
  2. The Path by Peter Riva (Yucca Publishing)
  1. Marked by Sue Tingey (Jo Fletcher Books)
  2. Spore by Tamara Jones (Samhain Publishing)
  1. A Fantasy Medley 3 by Yanni Kuznia (Editor) (Subterranean)
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