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Cooking the Books with Fran Wilde (UPDRAFT), Nene Ormes, and Karin Tidbeck (JAGANNATH STORIES)

Author Karin Tidbeck joined international correspondent Nene Ormes on the Cooking the Books podcast for a proper Swedish fika and discussion of Tidbeck’s work.


With thanks as always to the wonderful John DeNardo, Paul Weimer, Kristin Centorcelli and everyone at SF Signal for the fika cookies. All 3,000 of them. Those pepparkakor are thin! And Tasty.

The ingredients for Cooking the Books podcasts #012 – “Body Cakes: Cooking the Books with Karin Tidbeck include”:

  • Dreams
  • Cheeky Frogs
  • Things so Swedish they may seem mythical
  • Midsummer Smörgåsbord
  • All of the umlauts
  • Schnaps and singing
  • One live reading of an excerpt from Karin’s latest, Amatka! The live reading from Amatka is here.

Listen below, or at the Cooking the Books website (where you’ll find a recipe from Karin Tidbeck), or subscribe to the Cooking the Books feedburner.

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