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eBook Deal: Get THE BEST HORROR OF THE YEAR, VOLUME 1 edited by Ellen Datlow for only $1.99!

Right now, you can get The Best Horror of the Year, Volume 1 edited by Ellen Datlow for just $1.99 from Amazon, B&N, iTunes, and Google Play..

Here’s the description:

An Air Force Loadmaster is menaced by strange sounds within his cargo; a man is asked to track down a childhood friend… who died years earlier; doomed pioneers forge a path westward as a young mother discovers her true nature; an alcoholic strikes a dangerous bargain with a gregarious stranger; urban explorers delve into a ruined book depository, finding more than they anticipated; residents of a rural Wisconsin town defend against a legendary monster; a woman wracked by survivor’s guilt is haunted by the ghosts of a tragic crash; a detective strives to solve the mystery of a dismembered girl; an orphan returns to a wicked witch’s candy house; a group of smugglers find themselves buried to the necks in sand; an unanticipated guest brings doom to a high-class party; a teacher attempts to lead his students to safety as the world comes to an end around them…

What frightens us, what unnerves us? What causes that delicious shiver of fear to travel the lengths of our spines? It seems the answer changes every year. Every year the bar is raised; the screw is tightened. Ellen Datlow knows what scares us; the twenty-one stories and poems included in this anthology were chosen from magazines, webzines, anthologies, literary journals, and single author collections to represent the best horror of the year.

Legendary editor Ellen Datlow (Poe: New Tales Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe), winner of multiple Hugo, Bram Stoker, and World Fantasy awards, joins Night Shade Books in presenting The Best Horror of the Year, Volume One

If you need more cajoling, here’s the table of contents:

  1. “Cargo” by E. Michael Lewis (Shades of Darkness)
  2. “If Angels Fight” by Richard Bowes (F&SF February )
  3. “The Clay Party” by Steve Duffy (The Werewolf Pack)
  4. “Penguins of the Apocalypse” by William Browning Spencer (Subterranean)
  5. “Esmeralda” by Glen Hirshberg (Shades of Darkness)
  6. “The Hodag” by Trent Hergenrader(Black Static 7)
  7. “Very Low-Flying Aircraft” by Nicholas Royle (Exotic Gothic 2)
  8. “When the Gentlemen Go By” by Margaret Ronald (Clarkesworld #21 July)
  9. “The Lagerstätte” by Laird Barron (The Del Rey Book of SF & Fantasy)
  10. “Harry and the Monkey” by Euan Harvey (Realms of Fantasy December)
  11. “Dress Circle” by Miranda Siemienowicz (Hecate volume 34, No. 1)
  12. “The Rising River” by Daniel Kaysen (Black Static 5)
  13. “Sweeney Among the Straight Razors” by JoSelle Vanderhooft (Star*Line Sept/Oct)
  14. “Loup-garou” by R.B. Russell (The Werewolf Pack)
  15. “Girl in Pieces” by Graham Edwards (Realms of Fantasy, April)
  16. “It Washed Up” by Joe R. Lansdale (Subterranean)
  17. “The Thirteenth Hell” by Mike Allen (The Journey to Kailash)
  18. “The Goosle” by Margo Lanagan (The Del Rey Book of SF & F)
  19. “Beach Head” by Daniel LeMoal (On Spec summer #73)
  20. “The Man From the Peak” by Adam Golaski (Worse Than Myself)
  21. “The Narrows” by Simon Bestwick (We Fade to Grey)

I don’t know how long this great deal will last, so grab it now, while you can!

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