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[SF/F/H Link Post] Deconstructing They Live and The Fly; Geeky Beach Reads; Mr. Robot

Interviews & Profiles

  • Blogcritics interviews Luz Thompson, author of Beyond The Standard Model.
  • The Book Plank interviews Tom Doyle, author of The Left-Hand Way.
  • Cnet interviews Gary Whitta, author of Pooping Is Logical.
  • Felicia Day on what it was like to work on Buffy the Vampire Slayer in a Tumblr Q&A.
  • Kim Smith interviews Robert Williscroft, author of Slingshot.
  • My Bookish Ways interviews John Dixon, author of Devil’s Pocket.
  • Sword and Laser interviews J-F Dubeau, author of Life Engineered.
  • SFFWorld interviews Marc Alan Edelheit, author of Stiger’s Tigers.
  • Small Print Magazine interviews Robert J. Sawyer, author of Red Planet Blues.
  • Tor interviews John Gwynne, author of RUIN.


Events & Event News

Crowd Funding

  • HUGO BROYLER – a high-speed, sci-fi, grindhouse graphic novel. This fast-paced future-noir thriller will be remastered with a murderer’s row of top comic industry artists from around the world.
  • Outsider – A Sci Fi Card Game of Sabotage and Survival – A semi-cooperative, science fiction themed card game of sabotage, trust, identity, and survival in space.



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