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Table of Contents: THE YEAR’S BEST AUSTRALIAN FANTASY AND HORROR 2014 Edited by Liz Grzyb and Talie Helene

Angela Slatter has posted the table of contents for the upcoming anthology The Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror 2014 edited by Liz Grzyb and Talie Helene.

Here it is:

  1. “Shadows of the Lonely Dead” by Alan Baxter [Suspended in Dusk]
  2. “The Changeling” by James Bradley [Fearsome Magics]
  3. “Soul Partner” by Imogen Cassidy [Aurealis 74]
  4. “The Bullet & The Flesh” by David Conyers & David Kernot [World War Cthulhu]
  5. “The Corpse Rose” by Terry Dowling [Nightmare Carnival]
  6. “The Oud” by Thoraiya Dyer [Long Hidden Anthology]
  7. “Metempsychosis” by Jason Franks [SQ Magazine]
  8. “Of Gold and Dust” by Michelle Goldsmith [Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Maga 60]
  9. “1884” by Michael Grey [Cthulhu Lives: An Eldrich Tribute to H.P.Lovecraft]
  10. “Escapement” by Stephanie Gunn [Kisses by Clockwork]
  11. “Vox” by Lisa L. Hannett & Angela Slatter [The Female Factory]
  12. “Of The Colour Tumeric, Climbing on Fingertips” by Gerry Huntman [Night Terrors III]
  13. “Dolls for Another Day” by Rick Kennett [The Ghosts & Scholars Book of Shadows: Vol 2]
  14. “Chiaroscuro” by Charlotte Kieft [Disquiet]
  15. “Kneaded” by SG Larner [Phantazein]
  16. “Yard” by Claire McKenna [Use Only As Directed]
  17. “A Prayer for Lazarus” by Andrew J. McKiernan [Last Year, When We Were Young]
  18. “Signature” by Faith Mudge [Kaleidoscope: Diverse YA Science Fi]
  19. “The Preservation Society” by Jason Nahrung [Dimension6]
  20. “The Box Wife” by Emma Osborne [Shock Totem: Curious Tales of the Macabre & Twisted #9]
  21. “Shedding Skin” by Angela Rega [Crossed Genres]
  22. “The Love Letters of Swans” by Tansy Rayner Roberts [Phantazein]
  23. “The Badger Bride” by Angela Slatter [Strange Tales IV]
  24. “New Chronicles of Andras Thorn” by Cat Sparks [Dimension6 Annual Collection 2014]
  25. “The Walking-stick Forest” by Anna Tambour []
  26. “Necromancy” by Kyla Ward [Spectral Realms #1]
  27. “Bridge of Sighs” by Kaaron Warren [Fearful Symmetries: An Anthology of Horror]
  28. “Lady of the Swamp” by Janeen Webb [Death at the Blue Elephant]
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