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Lynne M. Thomas & Michael Damian Thomas Want YOU…to Join the Space Unicorn Rangers Corps, AGAIN!

Join the Space Unicorn Rangers Corps…Again!

by Lynne M. Thomas & Michael Damian Thomas

Last year we announced on SF Signal that we were assembling an army of Space Unicorns dedicated to putting more awesome SF/F into the universe– the kind of stories, poems, and commentary that make you think and feel. And maybe look at the world just a little bit askew in the best possible way, too.

In response, you, dear SF Signal readers, funded us and many became members of the Space Unicorn Ranger Corps. We even hit every single stretch goal. For that, we thank you, from the bottoms of our hearts.

In return, we’ve put out a year of Uncanny Magazine (Issue 6 will be launching on September 1) and fulfilled all the backer rewards (or made arrangements to do so based on scheduling). A whole year of Space Unicorn goodness will be complete, with a side of shenanigans and fire spinning!

We love the community of readers and writers who have joined the Space Unicorn Ranger Corps by backing the Year One Kickstarter, subscribing through Weightless Books, or supporting us via Patreon.

We think we have more to add to the long conversation of SF/F, which is why we’re Kickstarting Year Two of Uncanny Magazine, right now.

That’s right, we want YOU again for the Space Unicorn Ranger Corps! Won’t you join us?

Who’s signed up with us this year? Check out this list of solicited contributors:

Short Stories!





Now, this is a great list of names, but it’s not all we’ll be featuring. There will also be even more slots this year for unsolicited submissions (we reopen in September). We’re deeply committed to finding and showcasing new, diverse voices in our genre from around the world.

Uncanny Magazine is published as an eBook (MOBI, PDF, EPUB) bimonthly (the every other month kind) on the first Tuesday of that month through all of the major online eBook stores. Each issue contains 3-5 new short stories, 1 reprinted story, 3 poems, 2 nonfiction essays, and 2 interviews, at minimum. Our monthly podcast includes a story, a poem, and an exclusive interview in each episode.

Kickstarter Backers at the Subscriber Level or higher, and those purchasing single issues, get each issue in its entirety up front, no waiting. Those reading online for free wait a month for the second half, which appears on the second Tuesday of the month at

We at Uncanny think we’re doing important work, and we’d like to continue. Please consider supporting Uncanny Magazine Year Two.

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Kristin Centorcelli is the Associate Editor at SF Signal, proprietor of My Bookish Ways, a reviewer for Library Journal and Publisher’s Weekly, and has also written for Crime Fiction Lover, Criminal Element, and Mystery Scene Magazine. She has been reviewing books since late 2010, in an effort to get through a rather immense personal library, while also discussing it with whoever will willingly sit still (and some that won’t).

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