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Adaptation Watch: Clive Barker’s WEAVEWORLD is Coming to TV

Deadline is reporting that Clive Barker’s 1987 dark fantasy/horror novel Weaveworld is being adapted as a dramatic television series for The CW. Barker will serve as executive producer along with Jack Kenny (Warehouse 13), who is also writing the script. Angela Mancuso also executive produces.

The novel is about a The Seerkind, a magical race capable of invoking magic. To protect themselves from the non-magical world that poses a threat to them, they created The Fugue — a secret world woven into a carpet from their magic — where they remain hidden from everyday humans. Also posing a threat to The Seerkind is The Scourge, a destructive being that has destroyed every Seerkind that has ever come into contact with it. Readers come to learn all about The Seerkind through the eyes of Cal, a man who unwittingly discovers the beauty of the Fugue in an old mansion.

The updated made-for-television version pairs together an app designer with a young pastry chef who has just discovered that “she is destined to be guardian of a mythological realm that can be accessed through a portal in an old Savannah mansion”. Together, the pair fight the forces of evil who are battling for control over the magical world.

Here’s the official book description. A closer of the look at the covers above follows.

(NOTE: The Kindle edition of Weaveworld is only $4.99.)

Here is storytelling on a grand scale — the stuff of which a classic is made. Weaveworld begins with a rug — a wondrous, magnificent rug — into which a world has been woven. It is the world of the Seerkind, a people more ancient than man, who possesses raptures — the power to make magic. In the last century they were hunted down by an unspeakable horror known as the Scourge, and, threatened with annihilation, they worked their strongest raptures to weave themselves and their culture into a rug for safekeeping. Since then, the rug has been guarded by human caretakers.

The last of the caretakers has just died.

Vying for possession of the rug is a spectrum of unforgettable characters: Suzanna, granddaughter of the last caretaker, who feels the pull of the Weaveworld long before she knows the extent of her own powers; Calhoun Mooney, a pigeon-raising clerk who finds the world he’s always dreamed of in a fleeting glimpse of the rug; Immacolata, an exiled Seerkind witch intent on destroying her race even if it means calling back the Scourge; and her sidekick, Shadwell, the Salesman, who will sell the Weaveworld to the highest bidder.

In the course of the novel the rug is unwoven, and we travel deep into the glorious raptures of the Weaveworld before we witness the final, cataclysmic struggle for its possession.

Barker takes us to places where we have seldom been in fiction–places terrifying and miraculous, humorous, and profound. With keen psychological insight and prodigious invention, his trademark graphic vision balanced by a spirit of transcendent promise, Barker explores the darkness and the light, the magical and the monstrous, and celebrates the triumph of the imagination.

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2 Comments on Adaptation Watch: Clive Barker’s WEAVEWORLD is Coming to TV

  1. When they already admit that they are changing the story to something fundamentally different, then it’s never a good idea, expecially this early in the process.

    Being the CW, I have to take a pass on this show, that Ill just give 50/50 odds it will even be made in the first place,which from what is already stated, probably would be for the best.

    HBO wanted to do it years ago, just hold on and maybe a decent channel who respect the material they are buying more will come around and do it.

    That reminds me, They never did that Gawd Awful sequel to Casablanca they rambled on about a few years ago did they, Thank Gawd for that.

    We don’t need a plethora of crap, we need a few good stories done right is all many are asking for.

  2. I’m sorry but is this some kind of joke? “…an app designer with a young pastry chef who has just discovered that “she is destined to be guardian of a mythological realm that can be accessed through a portal in an old Savannah mansion” sounds absolutely awful.
    A Weaveworld adaptation should be set in Liverpool at the very least and bare some resemblance to the actual book.

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