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HEROES REBORN Debuts Strong and Hopes to Recapture the Magic of HEROES



Heroes, Season 1 was one of the best seasons of television. The characters ranged from adorable to terrifying, from parents fearing the loss of their children, to husbands fearing the loss of their marriage, and many other empathetic pictures of our own struggles. Show creator, Tim Kring, then added awesome superpowers and equally devastating consequences. It was too bad the wheels fell off in the last season (or earlier, depending on whom you talk to).

The demise of the original series is well known, so I won’t go much into that, except to say that the new series has high hopes and trepidation that the same letdown will happen again.

After watching the two-hour premiere last night, I’m excited to say at least what we have so far is a strong beginning to a series that could become what we hoped for in the first one. Most of the characters are engaging and empathetic. We have the complex mystery coming from multiple angles. There’s a new sword wielder in the Katana Girl, with a storytelling twist that is one of the cooler parts of the series to come. The powers are different and yet are enough to capture the magic of the first season’s shock and awe. While there was a lot going on in terms of character introductions, the presentation effectively made me care, and in short order. I was a pulled out of the story a little by how easy it was for our bad guys to kill, but there are breadcrumbs to why and what may change as guilt wears one of them down.

On top of this new show, there will be a series of authorized tie-in books. The first, Brave New World, is out now.

I’ve kept this quick review spoiler free, but if you’d like to chat about more specifics on what happened, head down to the comments section below. I’d like to know what you think about the Katana Girl device and if you agree that it’s the coolest piece to the puzzle so far.

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  1. Matte Lozenge // September 25, 2015 at 10:46 pm //

    Now’s the time to quote John DeNardo.

    “And – lo and behold – it’s Season 1’s threat all over again!”

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