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Saturday Morning TV: The Solarnauts (1967 Pilot Episode)

The Solarnauts is a live-action “colour space adventure series” that never saw any episodes past the following pilot. The proposed series was created by Roberta Leigh, who also created the puppet TV series Torchy the Battery Boy (1958), Sara and Hoppity (1962), and Space Patrol (1962).

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5 Comments on Saturday Morning TV: The Solarnauts (1967 Pilot Episode)

  1. I strongly urge everyone not myself to wait until after their 2nd cup of coffee to watch this.

  2. “You don’t know Logik!” Words more true have seldom been spoken.

    Thanks, this was a hoot!

  3. Another future where they haven’t invented…fuses…

    Music was a hoot. I think I’ve heard of this and possibly seen a few stills (the ship looks familiar). But wacky!

  4. Jeff Patterson // September 19, 2015 at 8:09 am //

    This used to get shown on the con circuit in the 80s.
    Those are some killer sets and music.

  5. O.K., not worse than say Batman was on American TV. A few things were good (like the helmets with the ability to see up!), but so much camp or bad (the other helmet…with a bow?).

    Even Dr. Who had rough days.

    I wonder if any of the SFX folks went on to work with Gerry Anderson and Co.

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