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SF/F Crowdfunding Roundup: Long List Anthology, Art of Elfquest, Star of the Guardians

Crowdfunding is the in thing for obtaining money to fund a variety of projects, with Kickstarter being the most prominent of these sites. With new projects going live daily, it’s a chore to keep up with, let alone find, interesting genre projects. The Crowdfunding Roundup will be our effort to bring projects we think are interesting to your attention so you can, if you so choose, decide to help out. These posts are a collaborative effort between James Aquilone and JP Frantz.

What’s it about? “The Long List Anthology will celebrate short fiction from the Hugo Award’s longer list of nominated works, chosen by Hugo voters.”

Why it’s interesting: Your favorite stories may not have been nominated for a Hugo Award this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate them. That’s the idea behind David Steffen’s Kickstarter campaign. He says, “The works on the long list, also greatly loved by the group of fans voting for the Hugo, tend to not get very much attention. For this anthology I am soliciting the works from this long list to bring more attention to these works, and provide a place to discuss them.” The anthology will contain short stories, novelettes and novellas.

The ebook is $10, while the trade paperback (plus ebook) is $25. Other rewards include homemade jam, art, and story critiques.

What’s it about? Ember is a journal of beautifully illustrated literature you’ll love.”

Why it’s interesting: Ember publishes short fiction for young readers by writers young and old. Each issue has gorgeous artwork throughout.  Check it out yourself by downloading the first two issues for free in PDF format. Sponsors of the campaign (at every level) get full-color copies of the first four issues in PDF format. Perks include copies of the journal and art prints.

What’s it about? “The power of Wendy Pini’s captivating storytelling and dynamic art is celebrated in this three book premium hardcover and deluxe set!”

Why it’s interesting:  The three books in this campaign span the entire career of artist and writer Wendy Pini. The titles contain more than 900 pages of material that comes direct from the Pini archives. Almost every piece has been scanned from the original artwork, “meticulously preserved by the Pini’s since the 1970s.” Hardcover trade editions and special deluxe limited editions are available.

The hardcover trade editions, which come with an art print, are $50 each.

What’s it about? A movie based on the series Star of the Guardians by Margaret Weis.

Why it’s interesting: Popular series Star of the Guardians gets the movie treatment in this IndieGoGo campaign. If you’re a fan of the books, or Ms. Weis, you may be interested in checking out this project. Rewards include posters, book plates, T-shirts, and many, many more.

What’s it about? Wrath of the Autarch is a tabletop kingdom building game. The players create a society over the course of the campaign, called the Stronghold. One player controls the schemes of the Autarch, the ruler of an empire which opposes the Stronghold. The other players control important leaders and heroes from the Stronghold. The campaign ends when either the Autarch is stopped or the Stronghold falls.

Why it’s interesting: A very interesting concept, based around what they call “troupe play”, where each session in the linked campaign focuses on a specific mission chosen by one of the players. Characters are chosen based on the scenario, which means players can drop in and out and won’t always play the same character. Cool. Also, there is no GM, instead using an asymmetric style of the Autarch vs. the other players, with mini-games used to decide the outcomes of various actions. Very cool. It’s part pen and paper RPG (influenced by Fate Core, part 4x video game and part boardgame, and completely different. $10 nabs you a PDF of the rule book, while $40 gets you the hardcover and shipping in the U.S. Did I mention it uses miniatures and a ton of dice? No? It does. Check it out.

Other notable projects:

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