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Table of Contents: AIN’T SUPERSTITIOUS (Third Flatiron Anthologies Book 13)

Third Flatiron Publishing has shared the table of contents for their brand new anthology, Ain’t Superstitious. check it out!

Here’s a bit about the anthology:

Let your imagination run away with you for a change.

Since the Age of Enlightenment, it’s become the norm to reject belief in miracles, revelation, magic, or the supernatural. But it’s only human to feel that delicious frisson of fear when things get a little strange. Third Flatiron Anthologies proudly presents “Ain’t Superstitious,” a double issue packed with 26 stories of the weird, wild, and magical.

Here’s the table of contents (larger cover follows):

  • “Salt and Bone” by Amy Aderman
  • “Coffee Lake” by Spencer Carvalho
  • “Confrontation on the Big One Three” by Maureen Bowden
  • “The Plague Well” by Dennis Mombauer
  • “Across the Styx of Norway” by Jacob M. Lambert
  • “The Necromancer” by John Hegenberger
  • “Pandora’s Pinata” by E. E. King
  • “A Day to End All Days” by James Aquilone
  • “Upon a Pale Horse” by Bruce Golden
  • “Wind Chimes” by Sean O’Dea
  • “James and the Prince of Darkness” by Kevin Lauderdale
  • “Spellcasting” by Gerri Leen
  • “What Is Sacred to Dogs” by A. P. Sessler
  • “The Apple Falls Upward” by Andrew Kozma
  • “Sam, Sam, and the Demoness” by K. T. Katzmann
  • “Ambrose’s Eight-plus-Oneth” by Judith Field
  • “The Annual Scarecrow Festival” by John Paul Davies
  • “Nine Ways to Communicate with the Living” by Sarina Dorie
  • “Schrodinger’s Schrodinger” by Benjamin Jacobson
  • “A Little Mischief” by Ken Altabef
  • “Gualicho Days” by Gustavo Bondoni
  • “Wolf Call” by Adele Gardner
  • “The Candlestick” by Will Morton
  • “Dead Men’s Drinks” by Christina Bates
  • “Pantomimus” by Lyn Godfrey
  • “O Shades, My Woe” by Eric J. Guignard
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