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Table of Contents: DREAMS OF DISTANT SHORES by Patricia A. McKillip

In June 2016 Tachyon will publish Patricia A. McKillip’s brand new story collection, Dreams of Distant Shores. Check out the gorgeous cover, and the table of contents below!

About the book:

A youthful artist is possessed by both his painting and his muse. Seductive travelers from the sea enrapture distant lovers. The statue of a mermaid comes suddenly to life. After paying an unusual toll, two friends are transfixed at a haunted estate. Bestselling author Patricia A. McKillip (The Riddle-Master of Hed) is one of the most lyrical and powerful writers gracing the fantasy genre. With the debut of a brand-new work, Dreams of Distant Shores is a true ode to her many talents. Fans of McKillip’s ethereal fiction will delight in these previously-uncollected tales; those new to her work will find much here to enchant them.

Table of Contents:

  • “Weird”
  • “Mer” (original)
  • “The Gorgon in the Cupboard”
  • “Which Witch”
  • “Edith and Harry Go Motoring” (original)
  • “Alien” (original)
  • “Something Rich and Strange”


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  1. McKillip also has her first novel in a decade, Kingfisher. It’s out on Ace in February.

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