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TRAILER: The X-Files Revival

By now I’m sure you’re all aware that Fox will be bringing The X-Files back for a limited, 6-episode mini-series in January 2016. Here’s the new trailer they dropped to tease us all:

First of all, Cigarette Smoking Man is alive?! What? I guess there’s dead then there’s TV dead, and he was only TV dead.

Second, man, they all look old. Except for Skinner. Must be the beard.

I’m intrigued by the show and I’m interested in how they will pick up from where the original ended. I guess it’s a good thing my middle son is powering his way through the entire series in anticipation of the revival.

But, will they put an end once and for all to the alien invasion? Will the aliens want our water to drink and rats to eat? Will Chris Carter have a comprehensible mythology plot? Who knows! But I do know that I will be watching with my son to find the “truth”.

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2 Comments on TRAILER: The X-Files Revival

  1. I like the way they look,after all they are 15 years older and there is no point in pretending they haven’t aged 🙂 It gives it more realistic touch. I know it’s gonna be good,hopefully good enough to go on for more than only 6 episodes.
    And I’m glad they are doing it again. There are shows,good ones,bad ones,amazing,boring,epic,…but not so many shows that people just love!

  2. Chris Franco // September 30, 2015 at 9:57 pm //

    JP you had me excited for a minute. I thought this was JD. My favorite show and the son line had me looking for ways to drive to Houston before I realized who wrote it…

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