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Cover Gallery: These are the Comics and Graphic Novels Coming Out in October

Looking for some graphic novels? Here’s the latest in our monthly roundup of comics and graphic novels (and related) coming out this month.

  1. Jaegir: Beasts Within by Gordon Rennie (2000 AD)
  2. Judge Dredd Day of Chaos: Endgame by John Wagner (2000 AD)
  1. The Ro-Busters the Complete Nuts and Bolts: Vol. 1 by Pat Mills (2000 AD Graphic Novels)
  2. Kids of the Round Table TP by Aaron J Shelton (Action Lab Entertainment)
  1. Adventures of Aero Girl TP by DeWayne Feenstra (Action Lab Entertainment)
  2. Herald: Lovecraft and Tesla – Fingers To the Bone TP by John Reilly (Action Lab Entertainment)
  1. Puppet Master: The Offering (Puppetmaster Tp) by Shawn Gabborin (Action Lab Entertainment)
  2. Tyranny of the Muse #3 by Eddie Wright (Alternative Comics)
  1. Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal: Creation Myths Vol. 3 by Jim Henson (Archaia)
  2. Iscariot by Shane Michael Vidaurri (Archaia)
  1. Gunnerkrigg Court Vol. 2 Research by Thomas Siddell (Archaia)
  2. The Mill by Jess Harpley (Astral Scribe)
  1. Night of the Living Dead Complete TPs (Slipcase Edition) by John Russo (Avatar Press)
  2. God Is Dead Volume 6 TP (God Is Dead Tp) by Mike Costa (Avatar Press)
  1. Lumberjanes Vol. 2 by Noelle Stevenson (BOOM! Box)
  2. The Empty Man by Cullen Bunn (BOOM! Studios)
  1. Wild’s End by Dan Abnett (BOOM! Studios)
  2. Black Market by Frank Barbiere (BOOM! Studios)
  1. Memetic by James Tynion IV (BOOM! Studios)
  2. RoboCop: Dead or Alive Vol. 1 by Joshua Williamson (BOOM! Studios)
  1. Sleepy Hollow Vol. 1 by Marguerite Bennett (BOOM! Studios)
  2. Clive Barker’s Next Testament Vol. 3 by Mark Alan Miller (BOOM! Studios)
  1. Hexed: The Harlot & The Thief Vol. 1 by Michael Alan Nelson (BOOM! Studios)
  2. Fiction Squad by Paul Jenkins (BOOM! Studios)
  1. Batman: The War Years 1939-1945 by Roy Thomas (Chartwell Books)
  2. Superman: The War Years 1938-1945 by Roy Thomas (Chartwell Books)
  1. Wonder Woman: The War Years 1941-1945 by Roy Thomas (Chartwell Books)
  2. Interventions: Kenya (Vol. 4) by LEO (Cinebook, Ltd)
  1. Convergence: Flashpoint Book Two by Alisa Kwitney (DC Comics)
  2. Smallville Season 11 Vol. 7: Lantern by Bryan Q. Miller (DC Comics)
  1. Justice League: A League of One (Jla (Justice League of America)) by Christopher Moeller (DC Comics)
  2. Batman: Road to No Man’s Land Vol. 1 by Chuck Dixon (DC Comics)
  1. Birds of Prey Vol. 1 by Chuck Dixon (DC Comics)
  2. He-Man: The Eternity War Vol. 1 by Dan Abnett (DC Comics)
  1. Graphic Ink: The DC Comics Art of Darwyn Cooke by Darwyn Cooke (DC Comics)
  2. Convergence: Crisis Book One by David Gallaher (DC Comics)
  1. Batman: The Dark Knight Saga Deluxe Edition by Frank Miller (DC Comics)
  2. Secret Six Vol. 3 by Gail Simone (DC Comics)
  1. Green Lantern: A Celebration of 75 Years by Geoff Johns (DC Comics)
  2. The Multiversity Deluxe Edition by Grant Morrison (DC Comics)
  1. Convergence: Flashpoint Book One by Greg Rucka (DC Comics)
  2. Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman Vol. 2 by James Tynion (DC Comics)
  1. Convergence by Jeff King (DC Comics)
  2. Teen Titans: Earth One Vol. 1 by Jeff Lemire (DC Comics)
  1. Convergence: Zero Hour Book Two by Keith Giffen (DC Comics)
  2. Convergence: Crisis Book Two by Len Wein (DC Comics)
  1. Arrow Season 2.5 by Marc Guggenheim (DC Comics)
  2. Crisis On Infinite Earths 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition by Marv Wolfman (DC Comics)
  1. Batman Arkham: Two-Face by Paul Dini (DC Comics)
  2. Batman: Year 100 & Other Tales Deluxe Edition by Paul Pope (DC Comics)
  1. Convergence: Zero Hour Book One by Ron Marz (DC Comics)
  2. Batman Eternal Vol. 3 (The New 52) by Scott Snyder (DC Comics)
  1. Batman Vol. 6: Graveyard Shift (The New 52) by Scott Snyder (DC Comics)
  2. Mortal Kombat X Vol. 2 by Shawn Kittlesen (DC Comics)
  1. MAD Slipcase Set: Complete Collection of Will Elder, Jack Davis and Wally Wood by Various (DC Comics)
  2. Marvel’s The Avengers Encyclopedia by Matt Forbeck (DK)
  1. The Ghost Fleet Volume 2: Over The Top by Donny Cates (Dark Horse Books)
  2. Big Guy and Rusty (2nd edition) by Geof Darrow (Dark Horse Books)
  1. EI8HT Volume 1: Outcast by Mike Johnson (Dark Horse Books)
  2. B.P.R.D Hell On Earth Volume 11: Flesh and Stone by Mike Mignola (Dark Horse Books)
  1. How to Pass as Human by Nic Kelman (Dark Horse Books)
  2. Rat God by Richard Corben (Dark Horse Books)
  1. Eerie Archives Volume 20 by Various (Dark Horse Books)
  2. Angel and Faith: Season Ten Volume 3 – United (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) by Various (Dark Horse Books)
  1. Hellbound by Victor Gischler (Dark Horse Books)
  2. Astro Boy Omnibus Volume 1 by Osamu Tezuka (Dark Horse Manga)
  1. The Magician’s Wife (Dover Graphic Novels) by Jerome Charyn (Dover Publications)
  2. The Juggler of Our Lady: The Classic Christmas Story (Dover Graphic Novels) by R.O. Blechman (Dover Publications)
  1. My War (Dover Graphic Novels) by Szegedi Szuts (Dover Publications)
  2. Purgatori Volume 1: Hell and Back (Purgatori Tp) by Aaron Gillespie (Dynamite Entertainment)
  1. Robotech / Voltron by Bill Spangler (Dynamite Entertainment)
  2. Battlestar Galactica: The Death of Apollo by Dan Abnett (Dynamite Entertainment)
  1. Magnus: Robot Fighter Volume 3 (Magnus Robot Fighter Tp (Df)) by Fred Van Lente (Dynamite Entertainment)
  2. Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files: Down Town by Jim Butcher (Dynamite Entertainment)
  1. The Lone Ranger: Vindicated by Justin Gray (Dynamite Entertainment)
  2. Cinema Sewer Volume 5: The Adults Only Guide to History’s Sickest and Sexiest Movies! by Robin Bougie (Editor) (FAB Press)
  1. Forty Whacks And Other Stories (The EC Comics Library) by Jack Kamen (Fantagraphics)
  2. The Complete Crumb Comics Vol. 10: Crumb Advocates Violent Overthrow (Vol. 10) (Complete Crumb) by R. Crumb (Fantagraphics)
  1. Usagi Yojimbo: The Special Edition (Usagi Yojimbo) by Stan Sakai (Fantagraphics)
  2. Cartoons for Victory by Warren Bernard (Fantagraphics)
  1. The Nexus Chronicles by Steve Rude (Flesk Publications)
  2. Hilda and the Troll by Luke Pearson (Flying Eye Books)
  1. Walt Kelly’s Pogo the Complete Dell Comics Volume 3 (Walt Kelly Pogo Comp Dell Comics Hc) by Walt Kelly (Hermes Press)
  2. Haunted Horror: Pre-Code Comics So Good, They’re Scary by Joe Certa, Shelly Moldoff, Nick Cardy, Bob Powell (Contributors) (IDW Publishing)
  1. Amelia Cole and the Impossible Fate by Adam P. Knave (IDW Publishing)
  2. The Fly: Outbreak by Brandon Seifert (IDW Publishing)
  1. Godzilla: Rulers of Earth Volume 6 (Godzilla Rulers of Earth Tp) by Chris Mowry (IDW Publishing)
  2. Beyond Mars by Jack Williamson (IDW Publishing)
  1. Orphan Black Volume 1 (Orphan Black Tp) by John Fawcett (IDW Publishing)
  2. X-Files Classics: Ground Zero by Kevin J. Anderson (IDW Publishing)
  1. G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero Volume 12 (GI Joe a Real American Hero Tp) by Larry Hama (IDW Publishing)
  2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: New Animated Adventures Volume 6 by Paul Allor (IDW Publishing)
  1. Rex, Zombie Killer: The Complete Collection by Rob Anderson (IDW Publishing)
  2. The X-Files/30 Days of Night by Steve Niles (IDW Publishing)
  1. Silent Hill Omnibus Volume 2 (Silent Hill Omnibus Tp) by Tom Waltz (IDW Publishing)
  2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume 12: Vengeance Part 1 (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ongoing Tp) by Tom Waltz (IDW Publishing)
  1. Bitch Planet Volume 1 (Bitch Planet Tp) by Deconnick Kelly (Image Comics)
  2. Secret Identities Volume 1 (Secret Identities Tp) by Jay Faerber (Image Comics)
  1. Skullkickers Treasure Trove Volume 3 (Skullkickers Treasure Trove Hc) by Jim Zub (Image Comics)
  2. Wayward Deluxe Book 1 HC (Wayward Hc) by Jim Zubkavich (Image Comics)
  1. Birthright Volume 2: Call to Adventure (Birthright Tp) by Joshua Williamson (Image Comics)
  2. Jupiter’s Circle Volume 1 (Jupiters Circle Tp) by Mark Millar (Image Comics)
  1. Satellite Sam Deluxe HC by Matt Fraction (Image Comics)
  2. Deadly Class Volume 3: The Snake Pit (Deadly Class Tp) by Rick Remender (Image Comics)
  1. The Walking Dead Book 12 (Walking Dead (12 Stories)) by Robert Kirkman (Image Comics)
  2. The Walking Dead Compendium Volume 3 (Walking Dead Compendium Tp) by Robert Kirkman (Image Comics)
  1. Outcast by Kirkman & Azaceta Volume 2: A Vast and Unending Ruin (Outcast by Kirkman & Azaceta Tp) by Robert Kirkman (Image Comics)
  2. Death Vigil Volume 1 (Death Vigil Tp) by Stjepan Sejic (Image Comics)
  1. Injection Volume 1 (Injection Tp) by Warren Ellis (Image Comics)
  2. Avatar: The Last Airbender: Legacy by Michael Teitelbaum (Insight Editions)
  1. Adventure Time: Eye Candy Vol. 2 by Shannon Watters (Editor) (KaBOOM!)
  2. Fairy Tail Master’s Edition 1 by Hiro Mashima (Kodansha Comics)
  1. Picker’s Pocket Guide – Comic Books: How to Pick Antiques Like a Pro (Picker’s Pocket Guides) by David Tosh (Krause Publications)
  2. Trick ‘r Treat: Days of the Dead by Michael Dougherty (Legendary Comics)
  1. The Algerian War in French-Language Comics: Postcolonial Memory, History, and Subjectivity (After the Empire: The Francophone World and Postcolonial France) by Jennifer Howell (Lexington Books)
  2. Welcome to Ralton by Don Rosencrans (Literati Press Comics & Novels)
  1. Midnight: Rise of the Black Vampires by MG Hardie (MG Hardie)
  2. Monster of Frankenstein Vol. 1 by Gary Friedrich (Marvel)
  1. Werewolf by Night Omnibus by Gerry Conway (Marvel)
  2. Star Wars Vol. 1: Skywalker Strikes by Jason Aaron (Marvel)
  1. Star Wars: Darth Vader Vol. 1 by Kieron Gillen (Marvel)
  2. Star Wars: The Complete Marvel Years Omnibus Vol. 3 by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  1. Star Wars: The Marvel Covers Vol. 1 by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  2. S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Complete Collection Omnibus by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  1. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 5: Through the Looking Glass (Guardians of the Galaxy (Marvel)) by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  2. Deadpool by Posehn & Duggan Vol. 3 by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  1. The Marvel Legacy of Jack Kirby by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  2. Marvel Masterworks: The Defenders Vol. 5 by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  1. Black Widow Vol. 3: Last Days by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  2. Incredible Hulk Epic Collection: Ghost of the Past (Epic Collection: Incredible Hulk) by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  1. Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 5: Spiral by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  2. The Punisher Vol. 3: Last Days by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  1. Loki: Agent of Asgard Vol. 3: Last Days by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  2. Moon Knight Vol. 3: In the Night by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  1. Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man Ultimate Collection Book 2 by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  2. Magneto Vol. 4: Last Days by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  1. Color Your Own Age of Ultron by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  2. Deadpool Classic Vol. 13: Deadpool Team-Up by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  1. Howard the Duck Vol. 0: What the Duck? by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  2. Damage Control: The Complete Collection by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  1. Infinity War Aftermath by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  2. X-Men: Age of Apocalypse Volume 2 by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  1. Deathlok Vol. 2: Man Versus Machine by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  2. Rocket Raccon Vol. 1: A Chasing Tale by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  1. Greenberg the Vampire by Marvel Comics (Marvel)
  2. Doctor Strange: Don’t Pay the Ferryman by Roger Stern (Marvel)
  1. S.H.I.E.L.D. by Lee & Kirby: The Complete Collection by Stan Lee (Marvel)
  2. Man-Thing by Steve Gerber: The Complete Collection Vol. 1 by Steve Gerber (Marvel)
  1. Naming Monsters by Hannah Eaton (Myriad Editions)
  2. Helheim Volume 2: Brides of Helheim (Helheim Tp) by Cullen Bunn (Oni Press)
  1. Bad Machinery Volume 4: The Case of the Lonely One (Bad Machinery Gn) by John Allison (Oni Press)
  2. Green Owl Vol. 4: The Rise of Cyrano by Brian Osbourn (OsbournDraw)
  1. Son of Classics and Comics by George Kovacs, C. W. Marshall (Editors) (Oxford University Press)
  2. Doctor Who: Official Annual 2016 by BBC (PENGUIN GROUP (UK))
  1. Guardians Team-Up Vol.1: Guardians Assemble by Brian Michael Bendis (Panini Books)
  2. Wonderfully Wordless: The 500 Most Recommended Graphic Novels and Picture Books by William Patrick Martin (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers)
  1. The Understanding Monster – Book Three by Theo Ellsworth (Secret Acres)
  2. Klaxon by Si Spencer (SelfMadeHero)
  1. A Certain Scientific Accelerator Vol. 1 by Kazuma Kamachi (Seven Seas)
  2. The Bronze Age of DC Comics by Paul Levitz (Taschen America)
  1. Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor: Vol. 2 by Simon Fraser (Titan Books Ltd)
  2. Universal War One by Denis Bajram (Titan Comics)
  1. Hagar The Horrible : The Epic Chronicles – Dailies 1981-82 by Dik Browne (Titan Comics)
  2. Flash Gordon Volume 4: The Storm Queen of Valkir by Don Moore (Titan Comics)
  1. Mutafukaz: Vol 1 by RUN (Titan Comics)
  2. Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor Archives Omnibus: Volume One by Tony Lee (Titan Comics)
  1. Evil Inc, Volume 7: When Worlds Collide by Brad Guigar (Toonhound Studios LLC)
  2. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Nemo Trilogy (Slipcase Edition) by Alan Moore (Top Shelf Productions)
  1. True Swamp: Book 2 by Jon Lewis (Uncivilized Books)
  2. Michael Allred: Conversations (Conversations with Comic Artists Series) by Christopher Irving (Editor) (University Press of Mississippi)
  1. The Demon Prince of Momochi House, Vol. 2 by Aya Shouoto (VIZ Media LLC)
  2. Kamisama Kiss, Vol. 19 by Julietta Suzuki (VIZ Media LLC)
  1. Dead Drop TP by Ales Kot (Valiant Entertainment, LLC)
  2. Quantum and Woody by Priest & Bright Volume 2: Switch TP (Priest & Brights Quantum & Woody Tp) by Christopher Priest (Valiant Entertainment, LLC)
  1. Archer & Armstrong Volume 7: The One Percent and Other Tales (Archer & Armstrong (Vu) Tp) by Fred Van Lente (Valiant Entertainment, LLC)
  2. Ivar, Timewalker Volume 2: Breaking History TP (Ivar Timewalker Tp) by Fred Van Lente (Valiant Entertainment, LLC)
  1. Harbinger Deluxe Edition Volume 2 HC (Harbinger Hc) by Joshua Dysart (Valiant Entertainment, LLC)
  2. Unity Deluxe Edition Book 1 HC (Unity DLX Hc) by Matt Kindt (Valiant Entertainment, LLC)
  1. Unity Volume 1: To Kill A King TP (Unity Tp (Vu)) by Matt Kindt (Valiant Entertainment, LLC)
  2. Ninjak Volume 1: Weaponeer TP (Ninjak Tp) by Matt Kindt (Valiant Entertainment, LLC)
  1. The Eternal Zero by Naoki Hyakuta (Vertical)
  2. Coffin Hill Vol. 3 by Caitlin Kittredge (Vertigo)
  1. Wolf Moon by Cullen Bunn (Vertigo)
  2. Astro City: Private Lives by Kurt Busiek (Vertigo)
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