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A Film is in the Works for Margaret Weis’s STAR OF THE GUARDIANS Series, But the Filmmakers Need Your Help!

A film based on Margaret Weis’s Star of the Guardians series is in the work, but the filmmakers need your help, and there’s only a few hours left to contribute to the IndieGoGo campaign!

Here’s more about the project:
Star of the Guardians, Margaret Weis’s beloved science fiction classic, has thrilled thousands of fans. Now, accomplished Australian film studio Filmscope Entertainment is bringing that classic to new life as a movie. Our vision for this epic story could be best described as “Battlestar Galactica” meets “Game of Thrones” in space.
Margaret Weis is fully involved with the project, and will be writing prequel novels, the first new Star of the Guardians content in years, with Dee Kitcher. The spaceship has already been animated, the armor is sketched, and character designs are drafted. Many more visuals are in the works.

The funding for the initial concept is nearly complete. Reaching our goal of $55,000 will provide us with enough funding to create development materials that include storyboards of key scenes and conceptual artwork created to a professional level that can help convince major film investors to fund our film. High-quality, professional artwork and storyboarding is expensive and will take up the majority of the funds raised. Once we have those materials, we’ll be able to go to our investors and work with them to develop this series into the beautiful cinematography it deserves.

But we only have a few hours left! Come on by and join us!

Margaret Weis is a best-selling science fiction and fantasy writer, well known for co-authoring the famed DragonLance series used in the Dungeons and Dragonsworlds. Her novels have graced the New York Times Best-Seller lists on numerous occasions.
Alongside DragonLance and Star of the Guardians, Margaret’s extensive work includes the following best-selling fantasy series; The Death Gate Cycle, The Sovereign Stone, Rose of the Prophet, and Darksword. Her books have been translated into numerous languages worldwide and has sold over 35 million books. Margaret is a beloved author among fantasy and science fiction enthusiasts, and her novels continue to enthrall her readers with her great characters and storylines.

Dee Kitcher founded Filmscope Entertainment with her partner John V. Soto in 2008 and has produced three feature films since that time, Crush (2009), Black Magic (aka Needle) (2011), and The Reckoning (2013). Our company focuses on the production of genre films for worldwide audiences. You can find out more about Filmscope at:

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