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Some of you may not know this, but the scaffolding that holds up The SF Signal Podcast has a name. It’s called The Functional Nerds and without it, there wouldn’t even be an SF Signal podcast.

The Functional Nerds is really a fun and footloose (and yes, maybe even a little fancy-free) independent podcast run by the be-hatted Patrick Hester and SF songster John Anealio. Though it started as a technology-related podcast, The Functional Nerds has morphed into a must-listen treat for genre fans. Each week — they’ve already done over 240 episodes! — they feature interviews with leading genre authors, artists and editors…as well as discuss the media they are consuming. Sometimes, bear claws are mentioned.

Patrick and John do this for their love of genre and sharing with fans, and they’ve done it for free for years. But you know how that goes — producing high quality stuff takes time and money, so they’ve launched a Patreon to keep the wheels rolling. Their Patreon offers many different levels of support and lots of cool extras.

So if you like listening to your favorite authors talk about genre and lots of other things, too, consider supporting The Functional Nerds Podcast!

Now watch this perfectly good video…

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