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Listen to C.L. Moore Read Her Northwest Smith Story “Shambleau”

On one of my bookshelves sits a copy of C.L. Moore’s collection Shambleau and Others. I wish I could say it was an original 1953 first edition from Gnome press, but it’s actually a facsimile reprint of the first edition with added slipcase that was released by The First Edition Library in 1981. No matter. I still treasure it.

The collection contains 7 stories, including 3 Jirel of Joiry stories (“Black God’s Kiss”, “Black God’s Shadow”, and “Jirel Meets Magic”) as well as 4 Northwest Smith stories (“Black Thirst”, “The Tree of Life”, “Scarlet Dream”, and of course “Shambleau”). All of these stories were originally printed in Weird Tales.

And here’s an awesome find by Lawrence Person…it’s C.L. Moore herself reading her 1933 story “Shambleau”, described as a retelling of the Medusa myth. The recording is from a 1980 L.P. (For those who don’t know who Fonzi is, an L.P. or “Long play” record, was a giant black CD on which sound was recorded and played back through a vibrating needle. The Jetsons it ain’t.)


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