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[SF/F/H Link Post] Climate Change Books; Why We Love SF/F Novellas; Sensational Steampunk Sculptures

Interviews & Profiles

  • Den of Geek interviews Felicia Day, author of You’re Never Weird on the Internet.
  • The Qwillery interviews Sarah J. Schmitt, author of It’s a Wonderful Death.
  • Reddit recently held an AMA for Ann Leckie, author of Ancillary Mercy and the BSFA and Locus Award-winning Ancillary Sword. You can check out highlights at
  • Ridley Scott Explains What He’d Change in The Martian Based on NASA’s New Discovery
  • interviews Jaime Lee Moyer, author of Against A Brightening Sky.


Events & Event News

  • Horror master John Carpenter will appear alongside Sandy King-Carpenter, Tim Bradstreet, Trent Olson, Steve Niles, and Tone Rodriguez at Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles, CA on Sunday October 25, 2015 at 1:00 PM! They will be signing John Carpenter’s’ Tales of Halloween, a brand new graphic novel anthology of six short stories guaranteed to scare the pants off of you.

Crowd Funding

  • Moonspike – the World’s First Crowdfunded space mission to send a rocket to the Moon.
  • Shade: The Dying World – A new full-color, 360-page graphic novel about a band of voyagers struggling to survive on a planet that orbits a decaying star.



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