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Word Horde has been doing some awesome things, and coming up at the end of Oct., they’ll publish Painted Monsters & Other Strange Beasts by Orrin Grey. Check it out!

A little about the book:

ORRIN GREY LOVES MONSTERS. That is abundantly clear in the stories he spins. No matter where he draws inspiration from, whether the weird tales of Lovecraft, Machen, and Poe or the films of Murnau, Corman, and Argento, the end result is inevitably fresh and new. And wonderfully monstrous.

If you love monsters—the macabre, the murderous, the misunderstood; the strange, the sinister, the sympathetic; the cinematic and the literary—you will find plenty to love in Orrin Grey’s Painted Monsters & Other Strange Beasts.

Here’s the table of contents:

  • Introduction by John Langan
  • “The Worm That Gnaws”
  • “The White Prince”
  • “Night’s Foul Bird”
  • “The Murders on Morgue Street”*
  • “Ripperology”
  • “Walpurgisnacht”
  • “The Red Church”
  • “Remains”
  • “The Labyrinth of Sleep”
  • “Lovecrafting”
  • “Persistence of Vision”
  • “Strange Beast”*
  • “Painted Monsters”*

* Titles marked with an asterisk are original to the collection.

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