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Table of Contents: TO SHAPE THE DARK Edited by Athena Andreadis

shape-400To Shape the Dark, an anthology of original stories focusing on women scientists, will be out in Spring of 2016 and the editor has given us a sneak peek at the table of contents. Check it out!

Table of contents:

  1. Athena Andreadis – “Astrogators Never Sleep”
  2. Constance Cooper – “Carnivores of Can’t-Go-Home”
  3. M. Fenn – “Chlorophyll is Thicker than Water”
  4. Jacqueline Koyanagi – “Sensorium”
  5. Kristin Landon – “From the Depths”
  6. Shariann Lewitt – “Fieldwork”
  7. Vandana Singh – “Of Wind and Fire: Descent”
  8. Aliette de Bodard – “Crossing the Midday Gate”
  9. Melissa Scott – “Firstborn, Lastborn”
  10. Anil Menon – “Building for Shah Jehan”
  11. C. W. Johnson – “The Age of Discovery”
  12. Terry Boren – “Recursive Ice”
  13. Susan Lanigan – “Ward 7”
  14. Kiini Ibura Salaam – “Two Become One”
  15. Jack McDevitt – “The Pegasus Project”
  16. Gwyneth Jones – “The Seventh Gamer”
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