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Table of Contents: WHISPERS FROM THE ABYSS Vol. 2 Edited by Kat Rocha

Coming up in 2016: Whispers From the Abyss Vol. 2 edited by Kat Rocha. Put it on your wish list!

About the book:

They say that you can t take it with you, but they don t know what horrors stalk you through your daily life. Do not be afraid, for now your descent into madness can be accessed during your daily routine. WHISPERS FROM THE ABYSS VOL.2 takes after its predecessor by offering a collection of H.P. Lovecraft inspired stories tailored specifically for readers on the go. Collecting 26 new dark and demented tales geared to make you question your reality, and peak beyond the veil of your own sanity. Included in this volume are the works of Greg Stolze, Laird Barron, Cody Goodfellow, Dennis Detwiller, A.C. Wise, Richard Lee Byers , Marc E. Fitch, and Konstantine Paradise.

Table of Contents:

  • Michele Brittany: Foreward
  • A.C. Wise-“We Are Not These Bodies, Strung Between the Stars”
  • John C. Foster- “His Carnivorous Regard”
  • Orrin Grey- “The Labyrinth of Sleep”
  • Nathan Wunner- “Death May Die”
  • Dennis Detwiller- “Knot”
  • Jonathan Sharp- “Skoptsy”
  • Cody Goodfellow- “Red America”
  • Ferrett Steinmet- “Shadow Transit”
  • Deborah Walker- “Baby Rhyme Time”
  • Tom Pinchuk- “Nyarlathotep’s Way”
  • Laird Barron- “Strident Caller”
  • John Palisano- “Lucky Chuck Takes the Sunshine Express”
  • Michael Hudson- “Five Minutes or Less”
  • Chad Fifer- “The Baby Downstairs”
  • Robert Stahl- “Gifts”
  • Joel Enos- “Now We are Nine”
  • Samuel Poots- “The Great Old Thing in the Fridge”
  • Marc E. Fitch- “God Does Damn the Mind”
  • Greg Stolze- “In the Light”
  • Richard Lee Byers- “Kickstarter”
  • David Busboom- “The Vindication of Y’ha-Nthlei”
  • Konstantine Paradise- “Echoes in Porcelain”
  • Sarah Hans- “Shadows of the Darkest Jade”
  • Hunter James Martin- “The Dreadful Machine”
  • Kevin Wetmore- “Notebook Concerning the Class Struggle in Dunwich,Found in the Ruins of a Construction Site”


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