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CRATE EXPECTATIONS – October 2015 Geek Fuel Mystery Box (+ Giveaway)

Geek Fuel is a monthly subscription mystery box that offers “limited edition toys, collectibles, games, comics, stickers, buttons, and other fun stuff. While the contents vary by month, you will ALWAYS get an exclusive t-shirt and a full computer game (in the form of a Steam activiation code) in your shipment.” Each box is guaranteed to contain over $50 (retail) of items, while subscriptions start at $23.90 (includes shipping) for a month-to-month subscription. Was this month’s wroth the cost? Let’s find out!



The box in at of its red glory. This was actually a fairly hefty feeling box, which was unexpected. But what’s in the box?


Each box comes with a small magazine that includes articles and features about the items in each box, as well as other items of interest. This one has a short entry about New York Comic Con 2015, a two-page spread covering what Back to the Future 2 got right about 2015, a short puff piece on Admiral Ackbar, an “Ultimate Geek Gift Guide, Horror Edition” with interesting items for the horror lover, and other stuff. It’s well produced and complements the items nicely.


A code for the Steam game Over 9000 Zombies, which is a “top-down arcade action blown out of all reasonable proportions”. It’s basically you shooting an endless horde of zombies in a 16-bit aesthetic. The Steam reviews are very positive and who doesn’t like free games? Besides, at only 229 games in my Steam library, I need more to catch some people I know. This retails for $10 on Steam.


What’s this? Why it’s a Guardianade Energy Drink of course! This is a custom label drink (made by The Drink Ink) to honor Halo 5. The warning on the back states: Product may cause user to dominate noobs for the rest of time. Please call your doctor for gaming stamina lasting longer than four hours.” Nice. While this is clever, I don’t imbibe energy drinks. However, my middle son wants to drink it. I may let him.


Since this is the October 2015 box, it shouldn’t come as a surprise there is something Back to the Future related. What I got was a sticker set of the Delorean’s time travel control panel, the “Save the Clock Tower” flyer from the first movie, and a “save the Clock Tower” pin. Not sure what I’ll do with these, maybe let my youngest use the stickers to liven up his school notebook or put the pin on his backpack.


In case you can’t tell, this is a pretty cool Video Games Live t-shirt. VGL is a touring concert event that includes music (and video) from popular video games performed by a live orchestra. It’s a pretty cool event, one I’d like to attend when it makes its way back to Houston. The picture is an alien from the classic Space Invaders game wearing headphones, and all made out of various video game controllers, while the shirt itself is a decent, heavy cotton tee. This is one I’ll wear.


Ha! I love this one. It’s an Admiral Ackbar pillow case and something totally unexpected. I’m not sure where you’d find one of these, those this one from Etsy is close. 10 year old me would totally rock that on my pillow. Today me would have that idea vetoed unceremoniously by the wife. If only I knew a 10 year old who likes Star Wars


And lastly, there is a Yondu Funko POP! vinyl figure from Guardians of the Galaxy. I recently started collecting Funko POP! figures so this is awesome. While not a Geek Fuel exclusive figure, it is a cool addition to my collection and the highlight of this box for me.

This was my first Geek Fuel box and I have to stay it was worth it to me just for the POP! and the pillow case. Everything else was just icing and I didn’t get anything I wasn’t even partially interested in.

If you’re interested in getting the Geek Fuel box for November, you can sign up now and if you use this link you will receive a discount (10%) on your order. Just follow the link, select a subscription, and the discount will be automatically applied.

Full Disclosure: I purchased this box myself while Geek Fuel, serendipitously, sent us the discount link on the day I received the box.

In addition to the above discount, Geek Fuel has also give us a code for 1 free box! If you’re interested in trying out Geek Fuel, now’s the time to enter and possibly win!

And here’s how you can enter for a chance to win:

  1. Send an email to contest at sfsignal dot com. (That’s us).
  2. In the subject line, enter “Geek Fuel
  3. Geographic restrictions: Geek Fuel only ships to certain countries. To see a list, please visit Geek Fuel and click on the Ship To: box in the upper right corner. A list of available countries will then appear. If you live in one, you’re good to go!
  4. The giveaway will end Monday, Nov. 2nd (9:00 PM U.S. Central time). The winner will be selected at random, notified, and announced shortly thereafter.

Good luck!

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