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Books Received: November 9, 2015 (Danie Ware, Carlos Hernandez, J. Kathleen Cheney, Kurt Vonnegut, Jack McDevitt, Mur Lafferty & More)


In the interest of full disclosure (and as seen on Twitter), here are the books we received this week.

  1. MAN PLUS VOLUME 1 by Andre Araujo (Creator) (Titan Comics)
  2. Bloodthirsty #2 (Bloodthirsty: 2) by Mark Landry (Titan Comics)
  1. 21st Century Tank Girl by Alan Martin (Titan Comics)
  2. Ecko Endgame by Danie Ware (Titan Books)
  1. Infinity Lost (The Infinity Trilogy Book 1) by S. Harrison (Skyscape)
  2. The Assimilated Cuban’s Guide to Quantum Santeria by Carlos Hernandez (Rosarium Publishing)
  1. Dreaming Death: A Palace of Dreams Novel by J. Kathleen Cheney (Roc)
  2. Goodbye to the Dead (Jonathan Stride) by Brian Freeman (Quercus)
  1. Across The Realm Book 1: Life Always Finds A Way by Isobel Mitton (Mhumbi Publishing Limited)
  2. Malus Domestica by S. A. Hunt (Madman Press)
  1. Kurt Vonnegut: Novels 1987-1997: Bluebeard / Hocus Pocus / Timequake by Kurt Vonnegut (Library of America)
  2. Mothership Zeta: Issue 1 by Mur Lafferty (Editor) (Escape Artists, Inc.)
  1. The SHIVA Syndrome by Alan Joshua (Champagne Books)
  2. Music From the Fifth Planet by Anne Nicholls (Alchemy Press)
  1. Thunderbird by Jack McDevitt (Ace)
  2. Casefile: ARKHAM: Nightmare on the Canvas by Josh Finney & Patrick McEvoy (01Publishing)
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