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CRATE EXPECTATIONS: Geek Fuel – November 2015

Today we’re looking at the Geek Fuel for November 2015 mystery box. While Geek Fuel doesn’t have a theme for each month, they do try to provide shirts, games and collectibles that are appealing to geeks everywhere, and guarantee at least $50 worth of value in each box. This month’s Geek Fuel box was provided to SF Signal for review by Geek Fuel.

Monthly Box Magazine + Mockingjay Sticker

Each month Geek Fuel provides a small magazine with articles and photo spreads related to the items in the box. This time around, there was also a Mockingjay sticker in the box. I’m not a fan of The Hunger Games so I have no place for the sticker. The magazine itself is well done, but you aren’t getting the box for the magazine.

Verdict: A miss on the sticker while the magazine is what I was expecting.

Ghostbusters Playing Cards

Now we’re talking! These Ghostubster themed playing cards were produced by Albino Dragon to celebrate the movie’s 30th Anniversary and the deck looks great. I have a small collection of playing cards and these fit right in. Albino Dragon also produces several interesting genre related playing card decks, all of which are well done.

MSRP: $9.99

Verdict: This was a hit for me! I haven’t even removed the plastic wrap yet…

Fallout 4 War Never Changes Poster

If you’re a gamer, you know that the world stopped last week with the release of Fallout 4. I like the Fallout series, but my son loves it. This poster was abducted within minutes of me opening the box. I’ve already been asked to get a frame so he can put it up on his wall near his PC. Somewhere near his Brotherhood of Steel flag.

MSRP: ???

Verdict: A huge hit with my son.

Vault-Tec Security Key Card

Another Fallout 4 item, this time a faux security key card from Vault-Tec, the in-game maker of fallout shelters. What makes this item interesting is that it has an ID code on the back which is actually an entry into Geek Fuel’s ultimate Fallout 4 giveaway, which includes a myriad of Fallout 4 items. We didn’t win.

MSRP: ???

Verdict: Another hit with my son who promptly placed this onto his backpack.

How Games Are Made Minibook abd Defense Grid 2 Steam Key

How Video Games Are Made is an “in-depth look at the lives and people behind Defense Grid 2” written by games journalist Russ Pitts. This mini-book is about a 40-page excerpt of the full book and includes, on the back cover, a Steam key for the game Defense Grid 2. I’m unsure about the book, I haven’t read the mini-book yet, but I’m always up for yet another Steam game I’ll never get around to playing!

MSRP: $14.99 for DG2

Verdict: A mostly hit for the game, which is always appreciated. At least I can share it with my sons if they want to play.

Pac-Man Salt & Pepper Shakers

Now this was totally unexpected. A set of salt and pepper shakers featuring Inky and Clyde (the best ghost) from Pac-Man. Now, I like these a lot but I was completely blindsided by my wife saying “How cute! And we need salt and pepper shakers.” Well alrighty then!

MSRP: $14.99 for DG

Verdict: When my wife likes something from a mystery box, that’s a huge hit.

Assemble the Resistance T-Shirt

This t-shirt is a Geek Fuel exclusive item and features an X-Wing as if it were it a plastic model, with the pieces still attached to the plastic frame. The shirt itself is a fairly thick cotton, not thin like you might find on inexpensive t-shirts. That’s a plus. And it’s Star Wars, so that’s another plus.

MSRP: $???

Verdict: Another hit. I like this shirt a lot.

Final Thoughts

Did this month’s Geek Fuel box live up to its promises? I’d have to say so. The shirt, salt and pepper shakers and the Steam game almost hit the $50 mark by themselves and I, or someone in my family, liked just about everything in the box. It’s not often that an entire mystery box is full of items that are appealing, but this month’s box did. Well done Geek Fuel!

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